Top Five Viewed Recipes in 2022

#1. Cool Whip Chocolate Pudding Pie

#2. Air Fryer (Or Oven) BBQ Pork Chops

#3. Slow Cooker Chicken Gizzards & Hearts

#4. Pickled Beef Heart

#5. Ninja Foodi Air Fryer or Broiled Steaks?


  1. So if I see this right, we have an appetizer, main courses and dessert. My weight loss goal is fading fast. But that chocolate pudding pie may be worth the extra exercises.

    • These are my same homemade rub I use on my ribs. The combination rub with the BBQ sauce makes them so good. My air fryer is perfect for these with just the two of us. Thank you and enjoy Nancy! 🥰

  2. 💜 I Wanna Live in YOUR!!! Marital Home, perhaps in the Granny Flat 🏠 😩 😍 😫 😭 😏 🏠 or a Huge Spare BedRoom; as a man your husband is extremely fortunate, it all looks extremely delish 😋 😜 😉 😍 😀 😊 😋 as a singleton man I do my best with “recipes” but it always Becomes a Mess that I Eat AnyWay then Suffer the Consequences 😂🤣😅😆😁😄😃😀🙂 🙃😉😊 😇🥰🤩


  3. Not difficult to choose my favourite here of 2022 … that Cool Whip Chocolate Pudding Pie is amazing. And on second thought, I would love the Chicken Gizzards & Hearts (but will come to you one day to try it 😄).

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