Welcome to my food blog.

My name is Diane and I am a wife, mother of two and grandmother of two.

I have been cooking my entire life. Cooking and teaching others how to cook is my passion! I want to show you how easy it is to prepare and cook delicious food.

I also love gadgets, small appliances and cast iron.

I will show you how to make things you never even thought of making with easy step by step directions.

My hope is to give you cooking inspiration.

I welcome questions and comments.

Thank you for visiting my site.



      • Diane, I’m 71 and have been disabled for many years. My activities are pretty much contained to writing and digital art. But, I am a whiz at “reheating” in the Microwave, lol. That’s why my helper does most of the actual cooking. As far as being a survivor goes, it takes a lot of energy, but is well worth the effort. No one knows that better. Thanks for the follow at 1sojournal, was happy to see there,


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      • So sorry to hear that but very grateful for your helper! Being a self employed Independent Provider that works with developmental disabled adults, I totally understand how difficult it is! Take care and I will be checking out your wonderful blog!


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