Welcome to my food blog.

My name is Diane and I am a wife, mother of two and grandmother of two.

I have been cooking my entire life. Cooking and teaching others how to cook is my passion! I want to show you how easy it is to prepare and cook delicious food.

I also love gadgets, small appliances and cast iron.

I will show you how to make things you never even thought of making with easy step by step directions.

My hope is to give you cooking inspiration.

I welcome questions and comments.

Thank you for visiting my site.



    • Thank you so much for visiting my new site. I won’t disappoint you! I have some easy, delicious and recipes you never thought of making that I will be posting. If you click the follow button on the right side of the page it will make it easier to see my blogs. Feel free to comment any time!

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  1. Boy oh boy!!! I just figured it out!!! It’s you!!! Lol!! Always love you recipes on the ” Porch”!!! I love that you have this awesome blog with the delicious recipes you make!! Congratulations!! Much well deserved success!! I’m so excited for you!!! Everyone that visits here is in for a rel treat!!xo

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    • You’re so sweet Tina! Yes it is me…lol Thank you so much! I just love blogging and sharing my recipes! I’m glad you like my site. It’s a brand new site and expanding daily. Thanks for checking it out!


  2. Hey!! Thanks for stopping by “It Is What It Is” … and the follow. Hope you enjoy your
    visits there!! Hugs … Peace!!’ Wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day …. hugs!! __/l\__

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  3. Wow, you love cooking. I love science and everyone has a thing that they love. You have about 50 follows, I have about 30. I also love eating so I’m going to click that follow button. Thank you so much for clicking my follow button. Whipped coconut oil will be coming on my blog very quickly. So stick around with me (if you have time…).

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  4. I appreciate how you didn’t mince words in the knife review! For some reason, my computer won’t let me comment on that post right now, so here I am, thanking you for the follow. Your instructions are very clearly written! I’ll take a look at a few recipes now!

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  5. Thanks for being my follower, Diane. I can’t cook, but I can hold your interest with the mental illness stuff. Oh, to be fair, I should clean my dirty dishes and try to learn. My kitchen is a disaster, and so am I. But don’t be a codependent, please. And don’t give advice. I’m just grateful to have another follower. Thank you and have a great week. I need to check my stats again. Blogging is really cool. I never had so many friends. It’s better than Facebook. Anyway, take care. Rob

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  6. It’s funny, I’m always hearing music. Right now it’s Burt Bacharach, which I recall from age two. “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again.” He was a master, a maestro. “Promises, Promises” makes me cry. When I hear the rap nonsense on the tubes today, I think, “Huh?” I’m a Herb Alpert lover — but also, Rush and Yes. Anything that is sound and not noise. There’s a lot of good music — and poetry — available. We just have to choose the good. Just this afternoon, my orders from Library of America arrived: Poe and Carlos Williams. The books are beautiful and portable. Do you like music and literature? As a Capricorn, I’m fated to them. Poe really cared deeply about his poetry. He stayed sober to write it. The prose fictions were done for money. He did those drunk, hence the compromise in quality. Imagine his surprise when “The Raven” was an overnight success! It might have been too much for him. He was found delirious at a polling booth and died of some neurological thing, doubtless alcohol-related. Poor guy was only 40yo! Yet I’m surprised I’ve lived to be 50. Any day could be my last, and turning 50 alerted me to this fact… If you wanna teach me to cook, I am all ears. I’m on food stamps, with a lot of credit right now. I just need to clean up my kitchen first, and fix my clogged sink. It’ll take a lot of work, and a little money not spent on beer. Thanks for reading me today. Where do you hail from? I live in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Been in Eugene since 1971. My dad bought this house for 18 grand. Can you believe it? BTW, I have a BA in English. Just luck… and hard work. I enjoyed school so much that I didn’t realize what I was achieving. I am a Kappan, and I still give PBK money when I can. I plan to leave my house to Alpha of Oregon before I die… You have a nice face, so I guess that’s why I’m unburdening myself to you here. Please read from my blog. I use profanities here and there, but they mostly pepper my speech. I’d better go now. Nice meeting you, Diane, and hope to hear from you soon. Please comment, and be liberal about it if you have time. I am your friend. Sincerely, Rob Graden

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    • Hi Rob! I grew up with music in my life as my mother has taught piano my entire life and she still does. I have a piano in my house but haven’t played for years. I post recipes that don’t require a lot of expensive ingredients and are simple to make. Tomorrows recipe is French Toast. Inexpensive, delicious and filling. You definitely could make that. Have a great day!

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      • It’s not that I “like” music so much as that I’m addicted to it. I can listen to a piece and it will float back to me in a day or so. It is psychotic, but there’s no controlling it. I dunno what to do but to drown it out with beer. Maybe that’s an inappropriate response. Maybe the music is trying to help me? I only know it comes from my soul, be it good or bad or something in-between. Cognitive Therapy is great, for it claims that there is no black or white, but only shades of gray. It’s like a Jane Austen novel, where you have Pride and Prejudice, but in the end, they marry and resolve themselves. Fitzwilliam Darcy loosens up after marriage and becomes more human, more friendly. I love Jane Austen! DH Lawrence had profound respect for her, too. She was a rebel while romanticism was going on all around her. She wrote in her parlor and spirited it away when somebody entered. All very hush-hush. It was Virginia Woolf who wrote about Austen in this way. I love Mrs Dalloway, too. Virginia Stephen was a very beautiful woman and person. Listen, I am probably the most fair-minded guy you’ll ever meet. I love women in every way. There exist some guys I really like, too. It’s all about fairness. Some people don’t get this, and I wanna know why. But the truth will not “out” overnight. All I can do is keep blogging, at least one post per day. If I use an expletive or two, I will forgive myself. Diane, please read of my blog. It’s pretty good, if I do say so myself. Have a good night this Tuesday night. Take good care. Your Rob

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  7. Thanks for liking my reply. It’s often hard to know what to say. I am also an alcoholic. Hope you still like me. Even now I am machinating my next beer run. I know it’s not good for me, yet I keep choosing it. I have edema in my ankles, yet I choose to drink. Talking with my brother doesn’t help, as he’s another alcoholic. I’d rather not hear from him, poor guy. He has peripheral neuropathy from having drunk for so many years. I don’t want to follow in his footsteps. I am only 50yo, and probably have another 20 yrs coming. We’ll see, I guess. Take care, Diane. and thanks for picking up on my blog. It’s a labor of love for me. My sister wouldn’t understand this. Oh, well. She has her own agenda that makes no sense. It isn’t my fault. I can only take care of myself. Hope this post finds you well. Your Robert

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  8. I may post some but not specifically for that reason. I am trying to keep my blog primarily as easy to make and/or quick recipes for those new and seasoned but rushed cooks. If you check through my categories I’m sure you will find some. If there is an ingredient you can’t have, leave it out or substitute what you would like in it’s place. I hope this helps! I have never been on an LCHF diet or I could be more help!

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    • Check out my Slow Cooker Chicken with Crispy Skin recipe I posted today! If you can’t have the mixes, Just use seasonings of your choice with butter. Cook the same way including crisping up the chicken. Love your blog!

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  9. Thank you for recently visiting and following my blog site. I always cooking too, but since having more vision trouble anymore I have trouble reading recipes, and use very strong reading lens and magnifying glass to do that. 🙂 So, it isn’t as much fun as it once was and when I did more of it trying new recipes, baking and making homemade breads, which once in a while I still enjoy. But, when it come to just writing in general; poetry, fiction, essays and inspirational pieces I want to keep doing that as it is my passion. That is when I make sure I have my strongest pair of reading glasses on to work on my writing projects, and posting them. I have looked over your site and your recipes, and they look delicious, wonderful and some easy to try, so will look back and refer to them when I want to try some. Thank you for sharing them, and best wishes on your cooking adventures, and sharing them with us all. God bless.

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  10. Thanks for your ‘Follow’!!!! It has gotten me to your Blog and I’m about to check it out. First! I’m going to get something to eat, I know I’m going to be awful hungary if I don’t 🙂

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  11. Thankyou for the follow. Please be aware though, that my Survival Saturday posts will only be once, twice at most, a month. The rest of the time I’m a pretty heavy SFF book reviewer. Just so you don’t think you’re getting into a cooking blog 🙂

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