Ninja Foodi Air Fryer or Broiled Steaks?


I made two steaks in my Ninja Foodi. One I cooked using the Air Fryer Setting. The other I cooked using the Broiler Setting. Read on to see which way was better and see if you can tell the difference.


This is how one of the steaks turned out. I will call this Steak One. What do you think, is it cooked with the Ninja Foodi Air Fryer or Ninja Foodi Broiler?


This will be Steak Two, was it cooked with the Ninja Foodi Air Fryer or Ninja Foodi Broiler?


I used the Air Crisp Basket on the steak that I cooked in the Air Fryer. I lightly sprayed the basket with oil, preheated the unit for 5 minutes at 400 degrees, seasoned my steak on both sides and I cooked the steak for about 6 minutes on each side (I like my steaks rare and my steak was thick).


I used the rack to Broil my other steak. First I preheated the unit for 5 minutes on the Broiler Setting at 450 degrees, I seasoned my steak on both sides and then I cooked my rare steak for 8 minutes, turning over after 4 minutes.


The Broiled Steak was delicious and cooked rare like I love my steak.

The Air Fryer Steak was also delicious and cooked rare too. It took a little longer to cook probably due to the 50 degrees temperature difference.

I found no big difference in taste between the two methods of cooking, however, I did like the outside texture better using the Broiler. Keep in mind that my review of these two cooking methods are with cooking a steak rare. It may or may not be different if cooked longer for a medium or well done steak.

The appearance of steak cooked in the Ninja Foodi (on either setting) is not all that appealing. If I was cooking steak for guests, I would stick to the grill. In the dead of winter and for the person cooking just one steak, the Ninja Foodi worked to my satisfaction, however, I still prefer cooking a single steak in my cast iron pan on the stovetop over using the Ninja Foodi.

Did you guess correctly? Steak One was cooked with the broiler setting and Steak Two was cooked with the air fryer.


  1. Hmm, hard question. I would say I love how the first steak was cooked, but that is just my opinion, maybe I am eating too much with my eyes 😅.

    Take care and a Happy New Year! (Sorry for the late wish)

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  2. What an interesting experiment. Thanks for sharing! And good idea about grilling not Air Frying when guests come over. Hahaha. I really do gotta get an Air Fruer.


  3. Interesting side-by-side test!
    I just upgraded from a Philips air fryer to a Breville Smart toaster oven with air fry function. So far, I made only flank- and strip steaks, rather thin ones (following Cook‘s Illustrated guidelines), and was quite happy with the result.
    But, usually, I either marinate and pan-fry steaks, or, in summer, grill them outside.

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  4. These look so good! I love steak and like you I like mine rare. I usually do ours in a cast iron skillet when I can’t grill them, but I’m going to give this a try.


  5. I have no knowledge of air fryers … but I did like the appearance of Steak One. But then, the best way for us (meat-eating South Africans 😄), is to put a good piece of steak on the coals, which we call “braai” or also known as barbecue 👍🏻

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      • Diane, I know that some the items I have reviewed may be too spicy for some people’s tastes. However, if you want a sauce with good heat and flavor, any of the sauces I have reviewed would be good. You mentioned that you might love the Mongoose hot sauce. Despite my description in the review and further explanation in one comment, I would recommend that sauce any meats, omelettes, sausage and gravy biscuits. Regarding its use on steak, I would use the Mongoose hot sauce as a dipping sauce.

        The Z Nothing Beyond is not itself 4 million scoville heat units. My reference to that is related to the extract that is used in the sauce. The flavor is a combination of sweet and spicy.

        The Calavera hot sauce is a spicy sauce, however, it is balanced out by a great flavor. I could see that sauce as having a lot of uses.

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      • Diane, the reason I suggest the Mongoose hot sauce as a dipping sauce for people who may be curios about it is so that they don’t run the risk of ruining their food. If too much is used in the dipping dish, it can be put off to the side.

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  6. Great post Diane
    Cheers to having fun with steak and giving us a fun little guessing option (I guessed correct)
    And I also agree that steaks on the grill look better but the ninja gets the job done! My son prefers the cast iron pan too!


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