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Strawberry Pie

Reuben Sandwich

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Baked Beef Taquitos

Green Beans With Bacon

Thai Cucumber Salad

After picking over 40 large cucumbers from our garden in just two days I decided to find a new recipe for cucumbers. So I searched and found this wonderful Thai Cucumber Salad. I loved all of the ingredients that were in it and have never tasted cucumbers like this before….absolutely delicious! Source: Ingredients – optional is crushed peanuts   […]

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Sweet Gherkin Pickle Roll Ups

If you ever need a quick and easy appetizer try these Sweet Gherkin Pickle Roll Ups! With only three ingredients you can make a big batch of these in just a few minutes. I had never heard of these before but my husband told me about them because years ago his boss brought them to a pot luck at his […]

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Potato Pancakes with Cheese

These are the first Potato Pancakes I have ever loved! There is so much flavor going on with these (crispy on the outside and soft on the inside) Potato Pancakes that I ate two! So the next time you have leftover mashed potatoes, make Potato Pancakes with them!   Ingredients   In a medium bowl whisk the eggs with a […]

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Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict has only four ingredients. Toasted English Muffin, Canadian Bacon and poached eggs all topped with delicious Hollandaise Sauce! I was thrilled how wonderful this turned out. You can make this delicious Eggs Benedict for breakfast or if you’re like me, eat it for supper! Below is the link for the Hollandaise Sauce.     Ingredients   Cut […]

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Hollandaise Sauce

A few months ago I ordered Eggs Benedict at a restaurant. I had never had Hollandaise Sauce before and I was hooked immediately so I decided I would make my own. I had no idea what was in the Hollandaise Sauce but I knew it made my Eggs Benedict taste amazing! Well believe it or not, there is just four ingredients […]

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Growing & Freezing Blueberries

I have grown two blueberry bushes for about 25 years. My bushes are as tall as I am now. I have never pruned them except for the dead branches. We do not have acidic soil so I do add an acidic fertilizer to them every few weeks. For those of you wondering how to keep the birds from eating all […]

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Johnny Marzetti

This is a recipe that has been around for decades! I never knew why it was called Johnny Marzetti and I’m sure many of my Ohio friends and family didn’t either. I find this to be a fascinating story of how this recipe came about and what other product is still in existence today…hint….Marzetti. Read what states about how […]

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Chocolate Brownies

Don’t you love a great tasting and easy Chocolate Brownie recipe? This is almost as easy as opening a box mix only without the added preservatives. I love to eat them with or without frosting. I also love to put chocolate chips in them. I think my favorite part about this recipe is not only how wonderful it tastes but […]

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Zucchini Pizza Boats

These Zucchini Pizza Boats were so delicious I couldn’t believe it was zucchini! I wanted to make a recipe for these for some time now. After tasting these I wish I had made them sooner! Zucchini Pizza Boats are my new favorite way to make zucchini (next to my Zucchini Bread). These were so simple to make and absolutely delicious! […]

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Duraband Waffle Maker

Once a year I take my granddaughter to garage sales in our small township in the country. There were 15 families having a garage sale this year. We walked into one and it was an entire barn full of things they were selling. The elderly gentlemen stood up and said “I have been waiting for a cute little girl to […]

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