Slow Cooker Chicken Gizzards & Hearts


This is the best tasting Chicken Gizzards & Hearts I have ever had! I have never made them in the slow cooker before and it is the only way I will ever make them again. The process was very easy but it takes most of the day. I put mine in the slow cooker around 8:30 am and I ate them at 6:30 pm. They couldn’t have been more tender and flavorful! Chicken Gizzards and Hearts are so cheap to buy and very low in calories. The broth that was left over was such a beautiful color and delicious so I will be using it for something else!






Rinse the gizzards and hearts.

If the gizzards have not been cut up

at the store, slice each one in half.

Mine was already cut up.



Place the carrots and onions into

the bottom of the slow cooker.



Place the gizzards and hearts

on top of the veggies.



Salt and pepper to taste.



Pour the beef broth into the slow cooker.



Put the lid on and cook on low for 8-10 hours.

Using a slotted spoon, remove the veggies, chicken

gizzards and hearts to a plate or bowl and serve.


Slow Cooker Chicken Gizzards & Hearts



  • 1# chicken gizzards & heart
  • 4 cups beef broth
  • 1 medium onion, peeled & sliced
  • 3 medium carrots, peeled and sliced into 1” pieces
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Rinse the chicken gizzards and hearts in a colander.
  2. Place the carrots and onions into the slow cooker.
  3. Layer the chicken gizzards and hearts on top.
  4. Salt and pepper to taste.
  5. Pour the beef broth on top.
  6. Put the lid on and cook on low for 8-10 hours.
  7. Remove veggies, chicken gizzards and hearts to a serving dish and serve immediately.

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  1. such a cool recipe. My grandma made this all the time but I think she would fry them. I will try them slow cooked. So amazing what you can slow cook.

    • My husband would love these… I always
      make stuffed hearts for him which are lovely and tender i cook them in the oven slowly but cooked in the slow cooker with the gizzards is definitely one to try… Thank you for folowing my blog Diane 😉

      • Thank you, Diane.. Luckily nose to tail eating is the norm here and any part of the animal is readily available… Nothing is wasted… Some I do draw the line at… Haha… Not everything is to my western palatte… I really didn’t think of using my slow cooker though but thanks to you hubby will be a happy bunny x

  2. I used to love the hearts and gizzards. Unfortunately they’re no longer available in our supermarkets. I don’t think many people would have known what to do with them.

    • If you are in a city, look for closest ‘rural’ bigger grocery, call & ask if they have. If not keep trying until you find one that carries. I was lucky & Columbus Ohio where I lived was close to Marysville, Ohio (30ish miles) & was on my way back from my folks – so I’d always stock up on my way home. 🙂

  3. I see that you dropped in on my ‘To remind you all’, but – did you spend 8 minutes looking at the video?
    What did you think of it?

      • Thank you, but – I’ll advise you to go back and open the video. It’s there for a reason! And if you’re interestred in what Norway has to offer, this is the best video I’ve had the pleasure of publishing.
        However, it’s not my doing, thus it’s outside my control, and – if you don’t see it today, it may be gone for ever by tomorrow.
        Your choice!

      • Just go to my front page! It’s the last one. (July 23rd) You can’t miss it! And I promise you’ll remember it tomorrow – and may be even next year! 🙂

      • Now you’re on your own. We have a ‘one time in your life experience’ here tonight: A lunar eclipse that will take 105 years to repeat itself, so I’ll be trying for a few frames – the sun willing! 🙂

      • I thought so, and I’m happy for you that you reallyn appreciated this video , but – I’m a bit curious, and you’re in position to help us:
        For years we have been wondering why bloggers don’t seem to be comfortable with following a link? Are you afraid not getting back to where you were? Do something wrong? Pressed for time?Or is there another reason? As for yourself: You loved the video once you saw it, but why did I have to pick you up and push that hard to get you in the right direction? What in honesty stopped you from activating the link in the first place? That’s what I and a lot of others would like to know?

    • You absolutely can use either one. I just like the flavor the beef gives it. This way of cooking gizzards and hearts (with either broth) is my favorite! The taste was amazing and they were so tender..YUM!

  4. Absolutely delicious recipe! I can taste it (In my Mind)! I love cooking, and take every opportunity to host a party where I can cater it myself!!

    • Thank you so much! This recipe turned out amazing!!! It had so much flavor and they were so tender. So happy to hear you like to cook and host parties…what fun. Cooking is becoming a dying art!

      • Yes it is for some but I love to cook and I always have. I am still trying to master the art of making dinner just for two people because I am so used to cooking for many as I was a caterer and enjoy every opportunity to cater a meal at my home for family and friends.

  5. I know for some people but I still love to cook. A lot of times I cook way too much because I am used to catering. It’s just me and my boyfriend and I have not mastered the art of cooking for just two people yet.

  6. What a lovely surprise, indianeskitchen! I feel blessed that you have decided to ‘follow’ my blog on “Conversations With God Using Scripture.” You have also introduced me to your recipes and they look and ‘smell’ delicious. Unfortunately, I have just moved in an 55+ Apartment building and have downsized tremendously. None the less, the building sponsors ‘Happy Hour’ twice weekly and sometimes require us residents to bring ‘pot luck’ dishes. One of your recipes will be my first dish to submit. Will let you know the attendants response. Thanks again.

    • Hi Karen! I like mashed potatoes and corn with mine. You can do any vegetables or potato you want. Just think of this as the main meat like if you made chicken, pork or beef. I hope this helps!

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  8. When I made chicken gizzards in the crockpot, it only took 6 hours to make them tender. I browned them in seasoned flour first. This is a really economical meal.

  9. I made this last night before I when I got home and had to wake up in the middle of the night to dish it out when it was done cooking. I wasn’t at all angry because I snuck a bowl of it and it’s the best gizzards I’ve ever had! I kept the gizzards and hearts in the broth rather than take them out, and added some potato to it and some delicious creole seasoning that gave the broth a bit of spice. I’m so glad you posted this recipe and so glad I found it! Thank you!

    • Isn’t it the most delicious way to fix them. What a wonderful addition you made to it, I bet it was an amazing taste! I rarely can find them in my town. We are going to a large market soon and I always look for them there so I am hoping to get some. Thank you so much for letting me know how you liked them!

  10. I simply enjoy all your recipes,it’s true that I can’t cook well yet after going through the recipe somehow I get the lovely smell of your sumptuous dish.

  11. I’m not very fond of intestinal stuff. Hearts and brains – yes! The only tripe like thing I have really enjoyed has been the Ethiopian pretty spicy variety. Maybe I’ll try yours one day!

    • I have had tripe and didn’t like it at all. The gizzard has a consistency similar to the heart after cooking this way. Normally it is very tough but this way it is very tender and delicious.

  12. I made this recipe, using my Magic Chef on the slow cooker setting and it was barely getting warm (figured I wouldn’t get to try it for days), so I switched it to the Pressure Cooker meat/stew automatic setting. It was not only delicious, but it was melt-in-your-mouth fantastic!!
    Thank you for this great idea!

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