Did You Know – Raw Potatoes

Did You Know that if you make soup and you over salt it, there is no need to throw it away.

Instead, place a peeled whole raw potato into the pot of cooking soup. The potato will absorb liquid with some of the excess salt.

You’ll need to remove the salty potato before it is fully cooked, about 30 minutes, and then throw it away.

If the soup is just a little bit salty, I cut thick slices of peeled raw potato as in the picture above, shorten the time the potato is in the soup to about 15-20 minutes or before it is fully cooked, then discard the potato slices.



    • That’s so easy to do. I have when I use the Better Than Bouillon on a recipe I use to use regular broth. My old recipe will say to add salt and I forgot not to when I use the Better Than Bouillon which is very salty.


  1. I wonder where I heard that before – my mom might have used it or read it in “Heloise Helpful Hints” … now when I get to use it, well that is anyone’s guess Diane. 🙂 Interesting how it works though. Hope you stay safe tonight with the potential bad weather in your state.


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