Easter Treats

Bake homemade Chocolate Cake, frost it with One Bowl Chocolate Frosting then let the kids decorate the top for your Easter dinner dessert. Use whatever Easter candy they want, I used pastel M & M’s and marshmallow Peeps.

Another simple Easter Cake is this round frosted cake, topped with candy eggs and colored coconut with marshmallow Peeps placed around the side.

Deviled eggs are always a hit for Easter dinner. Make yours by coloring the cooked white part of the egg then fill it with the egg filling.



    • I’m trying to make Easter treats before Easter this year. I am having my second carpal tunnel surgery and it is only a few days before Easter so I won’t be cooking this year. My poor husband is stuck with cooking and helping to color the eggs and hiding 60 eggs for the outside egg hunt. I already filled them with small toys and I will have the baskets all made up but he is also stuck with making us dinner and doing dishes. The grandkids will be happy with frozen pizza🤣

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  1. I’m seeing Easter stuff everywhere and it’s such a fun time of the year. We love the egg hunts.

    I love that you have something both for kids and grown up kids! The deviled eggs look delightful!

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