Easter Cake


I just love Easter time with all the colored eggs and sweet treats. I got the idea for this cake from a post that I saw on a Facebook page. I have no idea who the brilliant person is that came up with this idea, but kudos to them! I thought it was so cute and looked simple to make. I have family visiting me today so I made this cake for them to enjoy. Just make your favorite cake mix in two 9″ round cake pans, frost, put flat bunny peeps on the sides, sprinkle colored coconut on top and place chocolate egg M & M’s on top of the coconut. That’s it! This was the easiest decorated cake I have ever made.

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Easter Cake



1 cake mix, any flavor

your favorite frosting recipe

3 cups coconut, colored green with food coloring

different colored flat bunny peeps

solid chocolate M & M eggs


Using two 9″ round baking pans, make a cake mix and bake according to the directions on the box. Remove the cake from the pans and let cool on a rack. Make your favorite frosting recipe and frost one layer of cake, place the other cake on top of the first layer and frost the 2nd layer too. Put the peeps completely around the outside of the cake. In a small bowl mix about 3 cups of the coconut with green food coloring until combined. Place coconut on top of the cake. Place chocolate eggs throughout the coconut.




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