Did You Know – Kit Kat Chocolate Candy Bars

A few weeks ago I posted a cake that I made for my grandson. I used Kit Kat Chocolate Candy Bars to decorate the outside of the cake so I thought I would share some fun facts about Kit Kats.

  1. There are 192 million Kit Kats sold annually in the United States.

2. 650 Kit Kat bars are consumed every second across the globe.

3. Kit Kat is the second most popular Halloween Candy.

4. Kit Kats have been around since 1935.

5. Kit Kat is valued at over $2 billion dollars.

6. Japan sells about 4 million mini Kit Kats a day.

7. Japan also sells Kit Kat flavored cough drops!

8. Since the year 2000 there have been 300 flavors of Kit Kats available in Japan, including wasabi.

9. The US is the only place that produces mint flavored Kit Kats.

10. My favorite fun fact is that the filling in Kit Kats is made from broken Kit Kat bars. The Kit Kat rejects get crushed up together and are turned into a wafer paste.

Photo images from Hershey, Unsplash, & Alamy Stock

Fun facts from the TV show Modern Marvels.



  1. Kit Cat name came from a 18th century gentlemans club in London England . It gained fame for the titled members who joined as members including the King . It is as you say a name of a chocolate bar today

  2. Kit Kat is probably my favourite chocolate bar. I love the white chocolate ones and I like that you highlighted the unique flavors from Japan. I noticed Kit Kat ice cream bars the other day at the Costco.

    • Oh yum! My son was experimenting with ice cream. He let my grandson pick different things like bananas, cereal, candy etc. and he said some were delicious. What will power you have if you didn’t buy them!

  3. I know I have a weird sense of humor, but I think reusing the reject KitKat bars IN KitKat bars is really funny. Someone should have gotten a bonus for that idea!

    • They are delicious and I was surprised how the broken ones were the filling. Now how did they make the very first one if they needed the broken ones for the filling?🤣

  4. Kit Kat cough drops? My word – never heard of it! I always make sure my Kit Kat isn’t broken when I buy it in the shop … only to come home and break it while I’m eating it 😄.

  5. That was interesting Diane. I do like Kit Kat bars. I have never had them in mint flavor … I’m a purist, so will stick with the regular kind. I wonder why Japan seems so fascinated with Kit Kat bars, right down to the cough drops? Amazing they grind up the rejects to make into the inside of the bars. Many years ago my grandmother worked at Rowntree’s in Toronto, at a factory that made chocolate bars and other chocolate treats, including “Smarties” which were like plain M&Ms. Whatever were rejects, the employees could take home. A lot of the neighbors worked in other manufacturing jobs, so they would swap their rejects for other rejects. My mom was a bookkeeper in a sweater factory and supplied family and friends with sweaters she could buy for a quarter apiece (in the early 50s before I came along).

  6. I love learning stuff and I love KitKats so this was doubly fun! I wish I could get my hands on the wasabi KitKats. My husband would love them. I have never seen chocolate mint Kit Kats but will be on the lookout. Thanks for the run read!

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