Air Fryer Hard Cooked Eggs

I read that eggs could be hard cooked in the Air Fryer. I don’t know why I was curious since our eggs turn out perfect and easy to peel every time in our egg steamer. However, my curiosity got the better of me since I like to try just about everything in the Air Fryer.

I started with brown eggs at 300º for 15 minutes.

I immediately placed them in a bowl of ice water.

And then I peeled them, what was left tasted fine but were rubbery.

Since that was a bust I decided to try white eggs. I cooked them the same temperature and time.

I placed them in a bowl of ice water too.

They were slightly easier to peel than the brown eggs but still awful to peel! They tasted fine and were also rubbery.

So my conclusion is NOT to hard cook my eggs in the Air Fryer but instead stick to our egg steamer.


  1. I’ve never thought you could do eggs like this in an air fryer. Guess it’s ok, but like you say they are a pain to peel that way. Good to know the result when someone has tried though.

  2. Good to know! I like to eat hard boiled eggs for my lunch on travel days. We eat in the car as we go down the road. When I saw your headline, I thought, “Great! Maybe an easier way to make them – since I usually make them in the travel trailer the day before.” But alas, I’ll just have to stick with my little pan and stove top. I certainly don’t want rubbery eggs! Thanks for your post!

  3. When I had the microwave, I had a gizmo shaped like an egg which held four eggs and you filled it with water and they cooked – I want to say 10 minutes. It was all good until one day when I didn’t put the lid on right and the eggs exploded in the microwave. What a mess! An egg steamer – hmm. You are a gadget girl for cooking Diane!

  4. Thanks for doing this test and sharing the results! Talk about timing – I made a batch of hard cooked eggs to have on hand the old fashioned way yesterday but I had been seriously thinking of trying them in the air fryer. Nope! Not after your post, I will stick with the old fashioned way which doesn’t really take that long 🙂

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