Four Fun Easter Treats

Deviled Easter Eggs

Easter Cake

Easter Stove Top Bird Nest Cookies

Easter Jelly Bean Cake

I hope you get an idea for Easter from my pictures. Click on the name below the pictures to see the recipes and directions.


  1. It’s shocking to think that Easter is just around the corner. This year is just whizzing by so quickly. The hubby loves deviled eggs and they are indeed such a treat.

    • This year we couldn’t find the original Paas coloring kit. Everything is shiny, glitter etc. We bought the shiny and I don’t know how the eggs will turn out. My Mother in law is hosting Easter this year but I am taking the deviled eggs. I hope they aren’t a flop!

      • Not at all, but I rarely have to take food. She always wants to give me a break from cooking. I only take food on holidays because I want to lighten the load on her, she’s 93! She rarely hosts dinners but I said I wouldn’t be able to do it this year for Easter (health reason) and no one else offered, so she insisted we all get together and she would have all 11 of us there. She even invited my parents! She’s been like a mother to me for 33 years and I am never awkward around her.

      • This sounds like a wonderful relationship. How blessed we are to have these in our lives. How wonderful that she is hosting to give you a break and that everyone is chipping in to make it work. This made me smile, Diane.

    • I color the whites for my deviled eggs. I use the coloring for the deviled eggs first then the grandkids get to color the hard boiled eggs. They have colored eggs here every year since they have been born and able.

  2. Easter is such a sweet season (literally). I think of my mom with the Peeps cake she made for Marge one year and she used to make bird’s nests for me to take to work for Easter treats. We always did little treats for the staff for each holiday. That bird’s nest was a favorite of everyone.

    • Awe thank you for such kind words! Next time, place your prepared yolk into a sturdy bag, like a freezer bag. Squeeze out all the air and tie it closed with a rubber band. Snip off one of the corners of the bag and fill the egg white by squeezing the yolk into it with the bag. I love using my cake decorating tip to make it even fancier. Have a great week!

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