It’s Friday What’s For Dinner 03-17-23

Anyone that makes a homemade dinner is welcome to type the name of one recipe that you prepared in the comments, then we can all scroll through the comments for recipe ideas. This will be a weekly Friday post and only recipes on the Friday posts will be allowed. 

If someone wants your recipe and asks, there will be no pressure to share it, it’s up to you. I will accept links, but only to the recipe and NO VIDEO. It may take me a day to approve it so I can make sure the link is legitimate and not spam. 


I find the hardest part of making dinner isn’t the process, but figuring out what to make. So go ahead and post ONE RECIPE ONLY EACH FRIDAY in the comments or feel free to just read what others have made. Either way, I hope we all get some great ideas to make our meal planning easier.

My “It’s Friday What’s For Dinner” in the picture above is REUBEN CASSEROLE which is Corned beef, sauerkraut, rye bread, thousand island dressing & Swiss cheese made into an easy casserole that is baked in the oven and tastes delicious!

HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE GRANDDAUGHTER! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to my blogging family.


  1. This recipe seems “foreign” to me – I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Reuben sandwich! Well, I guess you’re never too old to learn, huh? And happy birthday to your granddaughter (who I hope is your ONLY granddaughter since she is your favourite 😉).
    Oh, and I know this post is about sharing recipes … but I just have to share this with you: I dreamed about you last night and in my dream you spoke Afrikaans (yes, I was also surprised) and you made us the most delicious chips (fries) … I think we need someone who can interpret dreams 😁.

  2. Saint Patrick’s Day and my thoroughly Italian roots and my semi Irish wife will be celebrating with the traditional corned beef and cabbage made the NEW old fashioned way…in the crock pot. Wear the green. Enjoy your day. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter from us. Let’s all hope she has a large bit of grandma in her!

    • I love corned beef any way it is prepared. Reuben sandwiches have to be my favorite way though. My husband doesn’t like them and when I make this recipe I eat it for a couple days and I freeze the rest in sandwich size pieces. When I get hungry for a Reuben I nuke it right from the freezer and put it on prepared rye bread. Thank you for your nice comment JC! 💕

  3. Your Reuben sounds delicious. We are going with Bangers and Mash today. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Diane, and Happy Birthday to your granddaughter! ☘️🎂

  4. Diane – oh, this looks wonderful … I can’t remember when I last had a reuben. Happy Birthday to your “favorite” granddaughter, a future foodie blogger, taking after her grandmother.

    You recently asked me how long we’ve followed one another – it is since May 2018. This is the first time I’ve contributed to your “It’s Friday What’s For Dinner?” feature. I love looking at your meals and desserts because they remind me just how good I had it when I came home from work (and school before that) to a tasty, home-cooked meal and I can’t forget to mention Mom’s desserts either. I often tell you that your dishes or sweet treats remind me of those days. This quiche was a favorite of mine. My mom would make it in the toaster oven and when I took this leftover quiche to work the next day, coworkers came into the kitchen to ask what I was cooking in the microwave as it smelled so good. Mom would write the recipe out for me to hang on the bulletin board. I have another ham and spinach quiche recipe she made with a pie crust if anyone would like that – I liked this one better. Enjoy!

    Pauline’s Quiche
    4 eggs, beat with fork
    3/4s of a cup of milk
    1 cup chopped ham
    1 cup chopped cheese (Velveeta if possible)
    1 small package frozen chopped spinach (squeeze all moisture out)
    1 small tin Durkee fried onions
    Mix all ingredients
    Pour into 8 inch square dish
    Bake 375 for 30 minutes

    • Yeahhhhhh! So happy to see your post Linda and a delicious one at that! I love ham and cheese omelette so I’m sure I would like this quiche as well! Thank you for posting and I can’t believe we have been friends since 2018 already!

      • Glad you liked it Diane. This is simple to make and when my mom was recovering from hip and two carpal tunnel surgeries and for pretty much her last year, this was something I made all the time and didn’t manage to mess up. 🙂 Once my mom discovered this recipe, we rarely used the ham and spinach recipe with the pie shell. Yes, I was surprised it was five years too. Here’s to lots more years of being friends!

  5. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

    I had a baked chicken breast. I mixed equal amounts of mayonnaise and grated parmesan cheese. Added a pinch of garlic powder and Italian seasoning and mixed well. I spread on top of two chicken breasts (mine had bones, but the actual recipe my friend gave me used boneless). I then sprinkled with panko crumbs (I didn’t have Italian breadcrumbs). Baked at 400 for 30 minutes. It was moist and delicious. I served it with green beans.

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