Asiago Cheese Bagels

Look at what my son made! This was his first time making bagels and I think they look great! He’s not afraid to try anything when it comes to cooking, grilling or smoking and he makes his mama proud!

My 4 year old grandson thought he would help his Dad get started, he is a ray of sunshine!

This was the wedding gift we gave them quite a few years ago, are you surprised? Lol

It sure beats hand mixing and kneading.

Did you know that bagels are dipped into boiling water (or they are steamed) to create a chewy crust?

You can add so many different ingredients to the top, my son chose Asiago Cheese.

Then they get baked in the oven, great job Mike!

If you are interested in the recipe, he found this one at

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  1. Wow! Wonderful job! Of course he’s not afraid to try anything when it comes to cooking, he’s all like his mom 😉
    I love the color of that KitchenAid 🥰

  2. 💜 Paraphrasing a line from the Star Wars franchise ‘You have taught him well “Mama” Diane’ The Force is strong with you both’ very well done to all involved; very good, carry on


  3. Your son clearly inherited his cooking talent from you Diane! I would have been very happy with such a wedding gift … but I was just as happy about the washing machine that my parents gave us 😁.

  4. So, I got the notice at 1:48 am that your son made these bagels, which are a favorite of mine. I’ll send you my address. I’ll take a 1/2 dozen and be happy to send you my expert opinion based on my own personal taste. But it may take two shipments. Now, were you really awake at that time eating bagels???????

    • Well I was up until 5:00 am! Now that my husband is retired I can’t concentrate on my blog so I wait until he goes to sleep, it’s the only quiet time I get. Unfortunately I didn’t get to taste the bagels as my son lives away from us, however, I will pass on your order to him! 🤣

  5. When I saw the picture, my Southern roots emerged and I had to say, “Lord, have mercy!” They just look so good. Your son has your talent!

      • I followed the link to Sally’s Baking (and bookmarked it). She tends toward healthy, but no one would lose weight with her many delicious recipes. My husband cooks most of our meals and has just crossed the line into diabetes. I’m not going to show him these bagels or Sally’s page. Too tempting. I’ll just “window shop” in her site.

      • My husband is type 2 but he told me not to change my cooking ways. Believe it or not, with pills, he has been able to keep his numbers good, however, he has lost about 75# since being diagnosed. There is nothing wrong with window shopping!

    • He sent me a picture today of a new batch he just made. He didn’t like how he formed the first ones and this batch looked like they came from a bakery! Thank you for that nice comment💕

  6. They look awesome Diane – good job Mike! No I am not surprised with the wedding gift if he likes to cook. I love Asiago Cheese bagels. We used to have a bagel place near us called “Big Apple Bagel” which I think was a franchise. That was a Sunday morning treat for years – still warm with cream cheese. They made their own cream cheese. They closed – went one Sunday – gone.

    • Thank you Linda! I don’t think I ever went to a place that made their own cream cheese. I love bagels with cream cheese. My husband used to always buy rye bagels and now we can’t find them anywhere. I told him I will have to make them for him but never did. Oops! Lol

      • I loved Big Apple Bagel and their cream cheese was so wonderful After I made that comment, I looked to see if they were anywhere but they are in Clinton Township, 50 miles away from me. I have never had a rye bagel but I like rye bread. Oops … well Terry must have forgotten about what you told him. 🙂 (Or he is being polite.)

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