Easter Jelly Bean Cake


Two years ago for Christmas I asked for a Wilton cake pan set so that I could make this cake. I put the box in the basement and forgot about it! I decided to make it for my granddaughter’s recent birthday, as an extra cake, since I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. It reminded me of the jelly beans I had on the counter so it became the Jelly Bean Cake.


This is the cake pan set I made the cake with.


This is the gel coloring I used.


I used Wiltons homemade recipe for one cake mix to fill the five pans and I followed the directions in the box. The recipe was a very thick batter, different from a store box mix. I divided the batter into 5 bowls, mixed in the gel coloring and filled each pan.


The colors were vibrant and the cake came out of the pans easily.


I used the homemade frosting recipe that came with the directions and frosted the tops of each colored cake. Then I stacked them on top of each other.


I finished by frosting the sides then decorating the cake with jelly beans.


This was a fun cake to make, the frosting recipe was delicious, but the cake was very dense. I think in order to stack the five layers they had to make the recipe dense. If I had to judge the way the the cake looked it was fantastic. But if I had to judge the taste, I personally would rather eat a regular cake that isn’t this dense.


I was not compensated for my post by using Wilton products.

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    • I put it in my sewing room with all the other tons of pans I have (way too many). I saw a Mardi Gras king cake on Facebook and that was what made me remember. lol

      • Ah! Kindred spirits. My pans and contraptions too have migrated to several other rooms in my house! Somewhere, I have this aebleskiver pan I’ve never used (I do know where the little cookbook is though…).

    • Thank you Nancy. What was funny about the cake was that I needed a picture to post and my daughters house is so dark I never would have gotten a good picture. After I frosted it, I cut a piece and removed it then took a picture. The 5 layers held together so well I slipped the piece back in and refrosted it, you couldn’t even tell! Lol

    • You’re welcome Jonetta! I was looking on line for something for Christmas (I always ask for unique cooking things) when I ran across this set. I can’t wait to try some of my own cake recipes in them too.

  1. I was just looking at Wilton’s site on line the other day. I was tempted to by the loaf size set of flat baking pans. Your can turned out really nice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such a COLORFUL CAKE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL, but I associate it with chemistry. I never know if children’s paints will be safe.
    Best regards

  3. The cake looks so cheerful and happy. I love it! I appreciate the honest self critique on the denseness of the cake too. 😊Hope your family enjoys a wonderful Easter this weekend. T is so excited for the chocolates!

    • It’s not, it is just meant for colored cake. I turned it into an Easter cake by adding the jelly beans theme. It could be a King Cake for Marci Gras or Halloween colors etc.

  4. Very unique Diane and I’ll bet the kids got a kick out of the colorful layers though. Very cute how you decorated the colorful jelly beans onto an already colorful cake.

  5. Did not realize there was a cake pan set for multi-layer baking.. 🙂 Thanks Diane.. this makes layered cakes much much easier! Looks lovely 🙂

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