Did You Know – Hershey Kisses

These delicious chocolate treats have been around since 1907 and were hand wrapped until 1921.

Machines can wrap 1,300 chocolate kisses per minute with a paper flag that tells the flavor or filling inside. 80 million Hershey Kisses are made everyday with the machines making 20,000 per minute.

It is believed they were named “Kisses” because when the machine releases the melted chocolate to form the shape, it makes a smooching sound like somebody kissing.

Now for hide and seek. Did you know there is a hidden Hershey Kiss image on the front of the bag above? No it’s not the one sitting on the foil like my husband said!

If you find the image just say “I found it” in the comments, don’t ruin it for everyone else. If you can’t find it say “I can’t find it” in the comments and I will reveal where it is later.

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Hidden chocolate Kiss is between the K and the I, see below!


  1. I did not see the hidden kiss on the bag
    I also did not know about the smooch sound – and must say that Hershey’s really came up with a great idea with these signature chocolate drops. I don’t eat them – but I used to
    And in 2005 I brought a large bag to baby shower and it was such a hit! They had lots of treats and other food but everyone wanted those Hershey kisses

    • They always disappear fast Yvette. When my granddaughter was young, I set one Hershey Kiss on the counter where she sits every time she came here. It was a kiss from Grandma. Then my grandson came along and I had to leave one for him too. Then they were here all the time and I was going broke buying Hershey Kisses so I stopped. Lol Check back in a day or two and I will update the post to tell where the hidden Kiss is, you will kick yourself!

      • Okay – i will check back!
        And how cute to leave the grandma kiss like that

        Do you remember when the GIANT Hershey’s kisses came out – I remember buying them and I think they were five dollars
        Anyhow – the inky chocolate I eat is 85% dark chocolate or Lily’s brand (stevia and no sugar- but it can be expensive and so I don’t buy that brand a lot – hoping the prices come down on stevia chocolate options)

      • it is not fair that the healthier stuff does cost so much more – sigh!
        and I do not recall ever eating one of those huge hershey kisses – I just remember buying one as a gift – and then I remember when they changed the foil color sometimes – 🙂

  2. Will you let us know? I can’t find it. In Hershey, PA they have a museum and they show the chairs the mostly women sat in to wrap the candy and tell how most were new immigrants. I didn’t know it made a kiss sound – I thought it was because they were little.

  3. I almost gave up, but I found it. So obvious now. When I look at that big kiss on the bag, it reminds me of that Lucy episode where they are working in the candy factory. I didn’t know how they got the name, but that is a great story.

  4. I found it but never noticed before – fun! And by the way, a summer during college I worked at the Hershey chocolate factory. I spent most of that summer cleaning cocoa bean roasters, but spent one night on the Hershey’s kiss wrapping machine. Hundreds of kisses streamed by me in multiple rows, and I had to pull out any that were misshapen to be remelted again. It felt like that “I Love Lucy” episode.

    • Hahaha all I can picture is the I Love Lucy episode now! Anyhow, I never noticed it either Pam and what the heck, you had to remelt the chocolate, be honest, you had to have slipped a few into your mouth right? 🤣

      • Actually all employees were allowed to eat as much chocolate or nuts as they wanted while at work. You just couldn’t take any with you. Some people really enjoyed that benefit!

      • Neither did I, Diane, but I rarely buy Kisses – only around Halloween and Christmas – and they’re usually in a bag with other mini Hershey chocolates. Nice little trivia fact!

      • Dont know why you landed in spam but checked and corrected it. Maybe cleaning out thousand unwanted sales add s I by accident spammed you dear.Its unspamed now. Reminds me of war time radio dinners with spam and chips Why pick a name used for processed meat for rubbish bin. In rashions of my youth by George we were grateful for it.May have lived in a 12th century castle in North of England but until 1955 rations even hit us .Dad did not return from war until then anyway she he was in the occupation of Germany group of senior Officers. Spam egg and chips i recall and since those days never tasted it again

  5. I found it!–very clever. I used to be a huge Hershey’s fan until they bullied and fired employees for not taking the jab. Fortunately there are many other choices. I am 70 so I have many fond Hershey’s memories to look back on. They are also not involved in Fair Trade so a lot of their chocolate involves child labor and very low pay.

  6. When I was working in my small rural hospital, I always used to keep a mortar full of Hershey’s Kisses on the pick-up counter….kind of like unit-dose chocolate. This was to encourage the nursing staff to pick-up their medication orders on the way back from the lab or cafeteria, they would stop in to get a chocolate, and it’s amazing how well it worked! I don’t suppose you could do that now.

    • I know isn’t it crazy, I didn’t know that either. I’m sure they didn’t sell that many back in 1907 when I’m sure the chocolate was probably made by hand. Thank you Mary!

    • Never have heard of them. 1907 USA was still the Wild West . Butch Cassidy for one rode the trails into New York State too. In England it was a far far distant land then . We had lots of chocolate treats but not what you are talking of in kisses

  7. Guess what = I did find the kiss between the letters when I viewed the post on a bigger screen – anyhow, – very fun post
    thanks Diane

  8. I didn’t find it but I see you pointed it out … I would not have guessed that. I need no glasses perhaps. I like all the facts and figures you gave us here Diane.

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