Easy Basic White Sauce

Do you remember when your Mom or Grandma made a basic white sauce to put over food like vegetables, chicken, lamb, shrimp, fish, beef, veal or ham? You can even add curry, dill, mustard or cheese with this White Sauce (directions on recipe card). It’s possible they made this sauce by Betty Crocker!

To see my step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.



  1. I have never had a white sauce that I can recall … just a cheese sauce over boiled cauliflower. Was I deprived? I had sausage gravy over biscuits as I mentioned recently … I waited all year for that treat!

    • You may have had a white sauce with cheese added and didn’t even know it. Lol You and my husband with the sausage gravy over biscuits. I love sausage, gravy and biscuits but not together and not sausage gravy at all.

      • I’d laugh if I looked in my mom’s recipe binder and saw a recipe for white gravy. We used to go to a little diner called “Kate’s Kitchen” for their homemade breakfasts as they had biscuits from scratch and homemade sausage gravy. I got my mom on that bandwagon and said “let someone else do it for a change” … we used to buy the sausage gravy in a package and heat it up – I think Bob Evans made it. Yum – now I will dream about that meal. There’s only so much I can make in the crockpot. 🙂

      • I just looked online (of course, now sausage gravy will come floating over to my screen to tantalize me) and I did find a Jimmy Dean Sausage Gravy but it is a 12-pound container … I could have a feast and have enough for the rest of the year! I have never eaten at Panera Bread except their muffin tops which we used to buy for a treat sometimes.

      • Diane, I just hopped onto Panera’s website – I thought they called them “Muffin tops” but they are called “Muffies” (it’s been a while since I had one) and might as well get the whole muffin and live large. 🙂 They only have chocolate chip according to their menu. When we got them, they had a sour cream crumb cake muffin top which was to die for. My mom used to make a similar type of crumb cake and it tasted just like it. My mom liked their bear claws, which were also really good.

      • Now I want a bear claw! It’s funny because when we had to drive 45 minutes to go to a Panera bread, we went once a month. Now that one has been here for years, less than 15 minutes away, I have only been there twice! 😂

      • Doesn’t that figure? Their bear claws were wonderful – you could make a meal of them – I wonder if they are still as big and tasty?

      • The Lobster Bisque sounds wonderful though. We used to go to a steakhouse called “The Bodega” years ago and that was their specialty. We didn’t go out to eat that much when I was younger, but this was very tasty.

  2. My mother used that basic sauce but added cheddar cheese to it with a sprinkle of grated Parmesan for sharpness – makes the best cheese sauce ever – good over broccoli or cauliflower.

  3. My husband is the king of making white sauce (you can be the queen 😉)! He sometimes adds a little paprika – love it! We never buy those packets of white sauce anymore … homemade is the best.

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