Did You Know – Caviar

Have you ever eaten Caviar?

Did you know true Caviar is fully ripe unfertilized internal fish eggs, called roe, that only come from the Sturgeon?

However, in the USA, the FDA allows for any type of salted fish roe to be labeled as caviar, as long as the name of the fish is included on the label. They also allow the roe to be dyed.

So the next time you think you are eating Sturgeon Caviar, read the label.


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  1. My OH used to get gifts of caviar from Russian clients but, sadly, no longer. However, you can get farmed caviar from French sturgeon which is reasonably priced.

  2. That’s one thing that’s never appealed to me and yet so many people find caviar tasty and it’s so expensive! Interesting about using different types of fish now.

    • I never have had the opportunity and I eat most anything. When I was a kid we fried up the perch egg sacs (we caught the perch) but they were fried in batter, nothing like caviar. Caviar looks like tapioca but colored. Lol

  3. I didn’t know real caviar was only sturgeon. I thought it applied to all fish eggs. Interesting fact learned today!

    • Great Ab! I actually watched how they took the eggs from the sturgeon and clean them through a mesh to remove any membranes etc. I found the whole process fascinating but I will never understand how anyone would pay over a hundred dollars and even over $1,000 for fish eggs! 🤣

  4. I think I knew and forgot Diana.
    I’ve been dying for some ever since NYE and I never got. Not to mention it’s sooo pricey. Is there one you like best? I don’t like fishy 🥹

  5. I didn’t know that they could dye the eggs black and pass it off as “the good stuff” … I had it once and I’m no fan of something like that. It was probably when I was traveling with friends of our family. We spent three weeks in Spain … one week in Madrid with her family, the rest of the time traveling down the coast. We had lots of raw fish appetizers (shrimp not deveined, chilled eels, raw octopus and a bouillabaisse that had raw fish heads bobbing around) … icky stuff, but I tried it to be sociable. They also liked boiled eggs that were runny … I mean hardly cooked. I like a “dippable boiled egg” but not like that.

    • You were so lucky to travel with friends of the family! The only place I have been outside of US is Canada! No thank you to raw fish of any kind. I love smoked catfish though.

      • I was lucky Diane. I visited them in Puerto Rico for Easter break my last year of high school too. He was down there setting up a tool-and-die shop. My father and him used to work together. As Canadian citizens, my mom and I used to say that we had seen more of the United States than we did our homeland. Canada is so large and so many beautiful places, but I’ve only been to Ontario – Niagra Falls and Toronto and Oakville, where I lived until we moved here in 1966. Well you and Terry had the cruise to Hawaii all planned for your big wedding anniversary until COVID reared its ugly head.

    • I ate perch eggs as a kid. We caught the perch and cooked the eggs too. Back then I loved them but when I tried them as an adult I didn’t care for them. I’m with you, simple is better!

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