It’s Friday What’s For Dinner 01-13-23

Anyone that makes a homemade dinner is welcome to type the name of one recipe that you prepared in the comments, then we can all scroll through the comments for recipe ideas.This will be a weekly Friday post and only recipes on the Friday posts will be allowed. 

If someone wants your recipe and asks there will be no pressure to share it, it’s up to you. I will accept links, but only to the recipe and NO VIDEO. It may take me a day to approve it so I can make sure the link is legitimate and not spam. 


I find the hardest part of making dinner isn’t the process, but figuring out what to make. So go ahead and post ONE RECIPE ONLY EACH FRIDAY in the comments or feel free to just read what others have made. Either way, I hope we all get some great ideas to make our meal planning easier.

My “It’s Friday What’s For Dinner” in the picture above is Eggs Benedict.


  1. Oh my Lord! Eggs Benedict for dinner. This is a great idea. All the major food groups plus good looks and flavor.
    We are having simple breaded catfish filets.
    Dredge the filets in egg wash (leave this out for a lighter crust)
    Coat the fish in a mixture of bread crumbs, salt (again optional) pepper, onion and garlic powder.
    Let them stand in the fridge for a little while
    Either fry, that’s the best way because everything tastes better fried, or bake in a greased pan at 400 for about 15 minutes.
    Serve with some good tartar sauce and a salad
    I think I left something out…Oh yeah, some good white wine. How could I forget that!?
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I’ve never had Eggs Benedict – it sounds fancy to me. But then the white sauce was something new too. It looks good at any rate, like kickin’ an Egg McMuffin up a notch or two. 🙂

  3. I made a big pot of chili today, because it’s chili weather again – cold and snowy. I doubled the recipe, (just the one off the back of the Clubhouse chili spice mix packet) so I would have some to put in the freezer. I made hamburgers with the leftover hamburger, so we will have quite a few meals off that 3 lb package of hamburger, $18 well spent. Incidentally we went to MacDonald’s the other day and the bill for two meal deals with coffee came to $29 – for a lukewarm meal with cold fries? I don’t know how people can afford to eat out.

    • Great way to be thrifty Joni! We rarely eat out but after my Granddaughters basketball game one Sunday we stopped at McDonalds too. My jaw dropped at the prices! My husband said they don’t even call them value meals anymore because it’s not a value. The beef patty was at least 1/4 the size it used to be! That is why you and I make homemade food Joni.

  4. “I find the hardest part of making dinner isn’t the process, but figuring out what to make.”
    I sooo agree with you Diana! I love it, breakfast for dinner and Eggs Benedict are the best. I have to remember this!!!❣️

  5. I actually made this once! My godparents sent a kit. Okay, now that I think about it… it was for Christmas… and my parents were here, so my mom made it.

    I was made-this adjacent! Does that count?? 😛

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