Garlic Toast

No need for a broiler or melting butter when you make Garlic Toast this way. It is crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside & has a buttery garlic taste.

French bread is a good bread to use for Garlic Toast, however, all I had was this jumbo white hoagie so I thought I would give it a try.

I sliced it in half lengthwise.

I buttered each half with 4 Tbsp. of softened butter and then sprinkled garlic powder on top, placing the bread on a rack with a baking sheet makes the bottom get toasted as well as the top.

I baked the bread in a preheated 450º oven for 12 minutes. Watch it carefully so it doesn’t burn as ovens vary.

Once you remove it from the oven, slice immediately then serve.


  1. Do this in my toaster oven…baking elements top and bottom browns both side. And always finely chopped fresh garlic crushed into the butter. I’m truly spoiled because the butter I use for just about everything but frying is cultured butter from France. Yum.

  2. We bought some frozen garlic bread at Sam’s. It’s okay, but just not as good as the kind made like this. And it is so easy, so why settle?

    • The only reason I use powdered is because I’m not a huge garlic lover. Using fresh minced would give so much more garlic taste and that’s what my husband would prefer too. Maybe I will be a good wife next time and do half with the minced for him and powdered for me along with the basil, love basil!

  3. What an easy way of making toasted garlic bread! You at least had some bread in the house, our bread box is empty … which mean I can go and buy a proper French loaf tomorrow to make this!

  4. Garlic bread is a staple thing we add to a family meal or special occasion, so this recipe sounds great. It’s hard getting good garlic bread in restaurants too, it is often soggy not crispy. I’ll have to try this method, thank you for sharing!

  5. Saw this earlier today and decided to make these this evening. Actually turned out great. My 7year old loved it. Thank you 😊

  6. Oh yum – I love garlic toast; so nice with soup in the Wintertime. Haven’t had garlic toast since my mom has been gone. We used to buy a garlic butter spread and then we discovered these small pre-sliced breads so that made it even easier.

    • You could do this with just about any bread, such as a bun etc. and put it in your toaster oven. One of my clients mom used to toast a piece of bread, rub a cut piece of garlic on one side then butter it. Thank you Linda❤️

      • I have to use the toaster oven again for all these lovely things. I just don’t like the cord on it – it’s not long enough and my mom used a heavy extension cord … it just got too hot and I’ve not used it in 11 years, so I need a new one. I miss broiled things like tuna melt and pizza, even chicken nuggets and fries.

      • You have a point Diane – I remember you said the newer ones you do not worry about having them near the wall. I have wallpaper in the kitchen and didn’t want it too close to the wallpaper and it will sit on a butcher block, also a concern. The other one sits on an aluminum pad (for decoration now).

      • Maybe I should move? 🙂 My grandmother and aunt lived together and a few doors down was an Italian family. Every night the father wanted pasta with his meal, specifically spaghetti. So, they always were sending my grandmother down spaghetti and meatballs. Especially when we went to visit – I may have told you we used to go buy these big buns, very crispy when you bit into them, like a baguette, and make meatball sandwiches with them. My mom liked the spaghetti, me the meatballs.

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