Sheet Pan Balsamic Vegetables

Balsamic Roasted Vegetables are an easy and delicious way to prepare your vegetables in your oven, all on one sheet pan. This combination goes well with just about any kind of meat. I love balsamic vinegar and drizzling it over these wonderful vegetables gives this a delicious taste along with the herbs.

To see my step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


  1. Oh yes, we love oven roasted veggies! But now I saw some new vegetables in your pan which I will try next time … the asparagus and whole carrots make it looking really pretty (and I bet it’s delicious too) 😄.

    • That leaves more room for other veggies then. I grow my own asparagus and I have so much that I can’t even eat it all so I share it with my family. I can’t figure out why they charge so much for it because it is easy to grow.

  2. I don’t cook nearly enough with balsamic vinegar but you make it look and sound so tasty. That is also a wonderful garden spread you have prepared. So colourful and good for you!

    • Thank you Linda we eat it as a meal. I have a question for you. If I make a post and allow comments, then after getting comments I want to end anymore comments, do I just uncheck the allow comments (in the edit) without losing the ones that are already there? I hope I didn‘t totally confuse you! Lol

      • Once your garden is growing, you can make a lot of those sheet pans of veggies. As to your question, I think it is called “closing comments” and I have never done it before. I have a few fellow bloggers who close comments fairly soon after posting and because I’m behind most of the time, I’ll comment and see that message after I compose the comment, so I go back and comments are there already. I didn’t even know how to close comments to be honest. Good luck!

      • I had an infection but I got on a different antibiotic and within 24 hours and it cleared up nicely. Stitches came out yesterday and I told the surgeon let’s set the date for the right hand, they will call and let me know when. I can’t believe what an easy operation this was. I asked the surgeon what my limitations are and she said if it hurts don’t do it. That’s it!!!! Thank you for asking Linda.

      • Well I’m glad to hear you got rid of the infection so quickly Diane – you don’t want issues with delaying the next surgery. No limitations is great – you can pick up more than 10# now – hope you get a date soon, so you’re healed for Easter dinner. 🙂

      • The surgeon said I have no limitations, except if it hurts don’t do it. Also she said if I use it a lot one day I will probably not be able to use it much the next day and to keep it iced. I’m hoping to have the next surgery in early April and already informed the family I am not cooking. Lol

      • Get those grandchildren recruited to help with the cooking AND the clean-up. They are already handy in the kitchen. I hope you get it done and in no time you are pruning the wisteria. That will put a lot of strain on your hand I’d think, depending on how thick the vines are.

      • I washed all the dinner dishes for the first time today. Grabbing them with my left hand so that I could wash with the right was a killer. I either hit the incision scar or the pans were too heavy and I dropped them. I think I will wait until April to get the other hand done. Lol

      • You sound like my mom with that pumpkin pie Diane … she was all about making it, assuring me “I’m okay – I have all the strength in my hand back and it feels good!” Yes, give it some time for sure. 🙂

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