My Garden Flowers



Last night I went outside to care for my fish ponds and to pick blueberries. As I walked around the yard I noticed all the colors of the flowers so I thought I would share them with you. I don’t ever remember this many of my flowers blooming at the same time and the blueberries are the largest they have ever been. I guess all the rain we have had is to thank for this. The sunflower above is a volunteer plant that grew from the sunflower seeds we feed to the birds. It hasn’t opened completely yet.



I planted these Chicks & Hens plants at my fish ponds. I love the flowers they make.



I feed an acid fertilizer to my Hydrangea to turn the flowers blue. This one must have only drank half of it. They are pink when the soil is low acid and blue when the soil is acidic. The flowers grow huge!



Some of my Sedum plants.



This is a Yarrow flower and if you look close on the left side there is a small green grasshopper.



Hosta flowers that haven’t opened yet.






A good friend gave me these a few years ago.















These are Wave Petunias and the only annual flowers I planted. I put them in flower boxes on each side of my front porch, in two large pots and in the ground.

I am hoping to remodel my fish ponds soon. When I do I will post pictures of it but until then….back to the recipes!



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      • My butterfly bush has shot up to the top of the house but has not bloomed. It has bloomed every year until now. You are right about the weather. Hugs

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      • It has never been that tall before….it grew quickly and very high after all the rain we have had. I am sad it is so tall and not blooming. Yes, pruned it in the spring to about 4 feet and that is how much it grew from early spring until now.

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    • Thank you! My last day to work before retiring is this Monday. If I get some days in the 70’s I will start working on it. Otherwise it may be September when it gets cooler. The ponds are in full sunlight and I have hundreds of pounds of border and river pebbles to install.


  1. Good morning, Diane. Wow! what beautiful flowers you have. This is one of my passions as well, but we’ve had beetles this summer, so my roses have been struggling. Thanks for following my blog, I see that you are a grandmother. Our 6 grands are my loves, of which I began blogging to intentionally pass down our faith in Jesus to our family and encourage others to do the same. I enjoy new recipes as well, and plan to check out more of your creations on your blog. Have a blessed retirement…and happy blogging!

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  2. WOW Diane! I am in awe of the beauty in your garden! The colors and arrangements are stunning. You’ve done an incredible job! Looks like the rain did indeed give them exactly what they needed. Your fish ponds paired with those flowers must give you such a relaxing oasis to enjoy?

    Lots of love coming your way! I enjoy your blog so much. You never cease to post the most incredible stuff. 🌻

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    • Thank you so much Holly! You are so kind! I love my fish ponds. They are small (100 gallons each) bit I love sitting outside listening to the fountains and watching the fish. It is my truly my favorite time of every day. 💕

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