How To Freeze Peaches


The Peach Truck from Georgia came to my town and it was full of 25# boxes of delicious ripe peaches! My husband stopped and bought me a box…..he’s such a peach! I had plans to bake a bunch of baked peach goods and freeze them but time got away from me so I decided to freeze the peaches instead. That way I can take them out of the freezer as I need them. This is a simple project, with only 3 ingredients, but it is time consuming….and worth it!






Rinse the peaches well in cold water.



Using a sharp paring knife, gently

cut a shallow X on the bottom of

each peach just under the skin.



Bring a large pot of water to a boil over

medium-high heat and drop 3 to 4 peaches

into the boiling water for 10 to 15 seconds.



Immediately remove the peaches from the

boiling water and plunge them into a

large bowl filled with ice and water.

Remove after about one minute.



Using a sharp knife, carefully peel

the skin off starting at the bottom

of the peach where you cut the skin.



Slice the peeled peach in half,

 just to the pit, starting at the stem end

and around the crease in the peach.



Hold one half of the peach and

turn the other half separating

the two halves at the cut.



Using a fork or your finger, remove

the pit. Slice each half into 4 pieces.



Place the slice peaches into a large bowl.

Repeat with a total of 8-10 peaches.



Sprinkle 1/2 tsp of granulated sugar and

1 Tbsp lemon juice over the peaches then

toss gently making sure all the peaches

get coated and the juices start to form.



Mark a gallon size freezer bag with the

date and how many peaches are in the bag.



Fill the bag with the prepared peaches.



Carefully squeeze out all the air you can,

without smashing the peaches,

and zipping the bag closed.



Move the peaches in the bag so they

fill the entire bag in a single layer

and the filled bag is flat.



Place the bag on a baking sheet or flat

surface in the freezer and freeze flat.


Peaches will keep 8-10 months in the freezer.

To thaw, thaw in the refrigerator or in a bowl of cold water.


How To Freeze Peaches



  • 8 to 10 ripe but firm freestone peaches
  • 1/2 tsp granulated sugar
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice


  1.  Rinse peaches with cold water.
  2. Using a sharp paring knife, gently cut a shallow X on the bottom of each peach just under the skin.
  3. Bring a large pot of water to a boil over medium-high heat.
  4. Drop 3 to 4 peaches into the water for 10 to 15 seconds.
  5. Immediately remove peaches from the boiling water and plunge the peaches into a large bowl filled with ice and water to stop the cooking process. Remove after one minute. Repeat process for all 8-10 peaches.
  6. Using a knife, peel the skin off of each peach starting at the bottom end where you cut the skin earlier.
  7. Slice the peach in half starting at the stem end, cutting down and around the crease in the peach. Cut to the pit but not through the pit.
  8. Hold the peach in one hand and with the other hand, twist at the sliced part breaking the peach in half.
  9. Using a fork or your fingers (be careful pit can be sharp), remove the pit.
  10. Cut each half into 4 pieces and place them into a large bowl.
  11. Repeat with the remainder of the peaches.
  12. Sprinkle sugar and lemon juice over the peaches, gently toss until the juice starts to form and all of the peaches are coated.
  13. Mark a gallon size Ziploc bag with the date and how many peaches will be in it.
  14. Fill the bag with the prepared peaches.
  15. Without crushing the peaches, squeeze the air out of the bag and zip it closed.
  16. Gently move the peaches so they lay flat in a single row, filling the entire bag.
  17. Freeze on a baking pan or flat surface in the freezer. Keeping them all flat will make it so you can stack them and take up less room in the freezer.


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  1. What happens if you do not take off the skin? Skinning 25# of peaches sounds like it would take hours!

    Virtual hugs,


    • It’s a personal choice but I don’t like baking and having pieces of skin in it. Because of blanching them in boiling water for 10 seconds, the skin comes right off pretty easy. Just follow my directions on cutting the X in the skin. I took a lot of breaks and I did the 25# in about 4 hours. If you work right through you would get done much faster.

      • I seldom cook fruit into any dish, and really DO like the skin of fruits (not citrus, of course) when I cut them up into my cooked cereal

    • Yes they are delicious. Years ago, not knowing, I bought peaches that weren’t free stone and canned them. They were delicious too but I will never process any peach that isn’t free stone. Lesson learned the hard way that year…lol

    • You’re welcome Lisa! This is my first year freezing them. I am hoping they last until winter because they are so good I just want to thaw them and eat them right out of the bag!

  2. Diane! You’ve provided a great tip: cutting an “X” into the skin of the peach! I get frustrated with peeling the skin off peaches but your method is going to help immensely. Thanks!

  3. That was useful and going to try it when peaches come in season. A peach truck from Georgia – that would be heaven. I’ve never heard of it, just the citrus trucks in from Florida where you can either order ahead or just show up at a certain time.

  4. GREAT IDEA!!!!! I can’t press the like button so I’m printing it out now…LIKE!!!!! Maybe you might make some peach cobbler and post a recipe? HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!

  5. I love peaches! Who doesn’t! I had no idea they could be frozen so easily! Definitely going to trying it out! I’ve missed reading your posts so much! I will be doing a baking update comprising mostly of your recipes and I really hope you like it!

      • I agree. Baking is so relaxing. I read in a book that as baking involves measuring out ingredients and mixing them in a proper order, it provides the brain a rhythm and a sort of pattern which helps you to ground yourself.

  6. You really nailed this! Very descriptive and informative. I especially appreciate the visual aids that your photos offer. I need to check out the rest of you blog!

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