5,000 WordPress Followers


I am so humbled to know so many wonderful, thoughtful and inspirational WordPress followers! Thank you for making my dream come true.


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  1. Awesome!! Congratulations! You deserve to have a million followers, and I’m so pleased to see your hard work (and delicious food) is greatly appreciated.


  2. Diane, way to go you definitely deserve it… Every time I read your blogs you inspire me… You have such a creative way of creating be it through the pictures your wording the stories that go along with the recipes etc. And you have such a way of encouraging those of us who are not as how shall I say it magnificent in the kitchen.. But because of your amazing steps etc. I was able to create one of your masterpieces I renamed it “Diane’s Cloud 9″as you well know so thank you for that… You made it easy for me to leave my comfort zone in my very basic kitchen LOL and challenge myself so a great BIG THANK YOU!! Again thank you for inspiring all of us and we continue to look forward to all of your amazing masterpieces in the future and congratulations on your 5000 plus!!!

    • Wow Chrissy what a thoughtful comment! Yes I remember the rename Diane’s Cloud 9…lol It is people like you that make this so much fun. Thank you so much Chrissy!

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