5,000 WordPress Followers


I am so humbled to know so many wonderful, thoughtful and inspirational WordPress followers! Thank you for making my dream come true.


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      • Lol!!!! But if you didn’t post helpful kitchen directions I’d be trying to eat all of the fresh blueberries at a go – and now, thanks to you, I know how to freeze them – which means I can get back to making more artwork! Lol!

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      • Oh thank you for that Diane! It is a challenge for me sometimes to string-words-in-a-row to make a blog post – and so it helps me to be able to think of specific people, like you, that I’ll be posting for! Thanks again for your encouragement!

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      • You’re welcome! The more you do it the easier it gets, at least for me it does. I write my post one day and the next day I reread it and usually change parts of it because the words seem to flow better the second day. The I publish. You are doing a great job!

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      • Aww thanks Diane!! So kind of you to say!! I do a version of your strategy too – but mine includes an extra step called “handwritten notes scribbled on a scrap of paper”. Lol! So glad I’m not the only blogger that writes one day and edits on another… 🙂 Thanks!!!

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  1. Congrats Diane!! It’s not just the excellent recipes, you’re so easy to talk to and just have an awesome way about you!

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  2. Congratulations Diane! I would enjoy an audience like that for my little blog. You’ve spent time on my blog (which I appreciate very much). What am I not doing to grow the readers? Any suggestions? Thank you for any insight you would share with me.

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia bluerockhorses.com

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    • Thank you! I’m no expert but here are some of my suggestions. 1. I posted every day for just over 2 years. I have to skip a day or so now or I can’t keep up with all the emails. I respond to all comments. 2. I post to about 20 Facebook groups with every post. I have just over 5,000 WordPress followers and about 3,000 other followers. Those 3,000 followers came from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 3. Find blogs you are interested in then follow them and read their blog then comment, I hope this helps Mitzy!

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