Back To The Basics


Look what was delivered to my house Tuesday! Nothing fancy, no glass to break, no glass to scratch, I can go back to canning food and the oven is self cleaning. Sometimes simple is the best! Check out how clean it looks because it won’t stay that way. For those of you wondering why I bought this new stove check out my original post here.

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  1. 👏👏 I’m all excited for you! Yes, sometimes simple is the best!
    But hey, “the oven is self cleaning” … that’s a bonus!! Looking forward to see what wonderful dishes you will make on (and in) your new stove!

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  2. Self cleaning is a wonderful feature. Enjoy your new oven. I like that your back walls are brick and your counter is not granite, easy to clean, not high maintenance !

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  3. We used to have a glass top stove. Had all the bells and whistles, including a convection oven. Just after the warranty expired, we start having issues. Every repair was around $500. The 3rd time it needed repairing was around $700. We decided to go back to a simple stove.

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    • Yes!!!! That is exactly why I told my husband in the long run it would be cheaper to just buy a simple new one. I hated the convection oven and never used it. It’s funny because the expensive one took forever for the oven to preheat, this one doesn’t!

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  4. Oh my Diane! I missed the post when your stovetop broke. It was probably when I was out of town. I have the same stove you just got rid of. And I Hate It! It is so hard to clean. I loved the flat top range I had before I replaced it. That one was a very good range. The one have now is exactly like the one you put out to the curb. I keep waiting for something on it to break because it is such junk. It does have some nice features but that is all I can say. I hope your new stove works will for you. Please let us who maybe following in your steps know how you like your new one.

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      • It’s a GE brand. It is almost exactly like the one I had before the glass top so that is why I bought it, however, there were very few to pick from that weren’t glass tops! The only reason I had changed is because when the drip pans got dirty I couldn’t get them clean Now I will stock up on them! Hahaha

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      • Yes. Cleaning the drip pans were always difficult. I would think that today they would be impossible. My sister covers her drip pans with aluminum foil. It doesn’t look the best but then I guess that’s no different than dirty ones you can clean. Right? Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. 💗


  5. I’m glad you are happy with your new stove Diane. I saw up above that you had surgery, I hope it was nothing serious and that you are on the mend. Enjoy your new appliance.

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    • I haven’t used my new stove much Carla, but so far I do like it. Yes I did have surgery and it will take about 8 weeks to recover fully. I’m so worried about my yard going to pots but there’s nothing I can do about it. Surgery was bad timing with spring and the busiest months of the year. I got as much done as I physically could before surgery so that helped. My husband will do what he can but he has enough to do with his own chores and he’s helping me so much inside. I can’t even do light housework for another week and I can’t lift over 10# for a while. Looking forward to feeling better and getting back to normal. Thanks so much Carla! ❤️


    • It cooks perfectly too, how could I ask for more! Believe it or not, it is still spotless. It is almost like they made it so things don’t burn to it like they old days. No regrets buying this one. Thank you!!!


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