Homemade Ham Loaf


This Ham Loaf blew me away! I have never made Ham Loaf before because my husband isn’t a lover of ham but he loved this one. My Ham Loaf is made with ground ham and ground pork. I’ve seen Ham Loaf with glazes but I decided to leave it plain and I’m glad I did because it tasted great without being smothered in all that sugar.

To see the step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


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  1. For some reason, I always thought that a ham loaf is quite a job to prepare … but now you’ve just showed how easy it is! We will try this recipe for sure – thanks Diane!


      • Did you have fried bologna sandwiches as a kid? I had them too. I can’t remember if we had the ground bologna or not, but we’d get a ring of bologna in the Summertime and cut it up and put it into pasta salad on hot days. That or smoked sausage. And slice up any extra for sandwiches. Yes, do a post on it – the warm weather is coming (I think) and people want easy stuff for Summer and not having to use the stove.


      • We used to go to a German butcher shop years ago and buy veal bologna. It is good if you ever get a chance to buy it. I have to buy a ring of bologna again, but will have to eat the whole thing myself and I’ll be “full of bologna” for sure.

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  2. I have not heard of Ham Loaf, although I apparently liked your post from the original posting. I always have lots of leftover ham, so will keep this one handy for the next time I cook a big ham.

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  3. I absolutely love ham loaf! Many years ago I would visit Lancaster, Pennsylvania and eat as much as I could hold at one of the Amish buffet restaurants. Such happy (and stuffed) memories!

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