Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandma’s, step mom’s, foster moms and even the men that carry on the mother roll in a child’s life. You don’t have to give birth to be a mother.

I celebrated Mother’s Day on Thursday with my daughter as she is still working in ICU and the Covid unit as an RN nurse and she has to work all weekend. My daughter brought me her love and this unique cutting board and other gifts for Mother’s Day.

My son lives over an hour away and was going to visit me today with my grandson but he was sick so we talked on the phone instead, they will visit at a later date.

I don’t need a date on the calendar to celebrate this special day. Being a mother isn’t one day a year, it’s every day of the year!


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  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Diane! Glad you got to celebrate it with your daughter and I hope things are getting better for her on the frontlines! And hope your son feels better soon. Enjoy getting spoiled this weekend!

  2. What a wonderful way for your daughter to express her thanks and love to you 💌. Although I’m not a mom, I’m still privileged to celebrate this day with my mom … and I’m saying thank you (not just today, but every other day!)

      • She did mentioned yesterday I’m her favourite daughter (but then … I’m her only daughter 😅). Jokes aside, in your exact words, she always tell other people how fortunate and blessed she is to have me as her daughter.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Diane. I totally agree, every day is worth celebrating when we have wonderful children and grandchildren in our lives.

  4. I feel the same way, Diane… we can celebrate just as well as any other date. But isn’t it good to have your kids (yes, I know they’re not kids any more) nearby? Wishing you a joyous day… every day.

    • Yes it sure is Angela. But even if they didn’t live so close, having Face Time video would be a close second. I love talking to my youngest grandson on Face Time when I can’t see him much like this past year with the virus. However, nothing can replace those hugs and kisses….lol

  5. I love the cutting board! I would imagine it will grace a special place. 😊 Happy Mother’s Day to you, Diane. And yes, it’s nice to have a special day, but what matters is how our children treat us day in and day out. I only wish my mom was still alive so I could tell her in person just what a special person she was. At least I know that when she was on this earth, I told and showed her many times. 💙

  6. I’m a little behind here, so here’s a belated Mother’s Day wish for you Diane. What a thoughtful and perfect gift … it is tailormade for you Diane.

      • This present she gave you was very special. I tried to be productive inside the house when I got home from walking both weekend days … productive for something besides writing a post or two. Our weather was nice yesterday, but iffy today and it was a little bit too early to trim all the bushes … did that one time and the regrowth was just as bad three weeks later. Now I wait until Memorial Day to trim everything and hope the weather is good. (I won’t be able to move for two or three days afterward from all the bending. Might as well just be sore for one weekend, not two!)

  7. Concur. “I don’t need a date on the calendar to celebrate this special day. Being a mother isn’t one day a year, it’s every day of the year!”

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