It’s a Surprise Party!


How can I be so blessed to have the best family and friends

in the world? They took time out of their busy schedule

to celebrate this special time in my new life.

Yes they pulled it off (barely) and surprised

me at a local restaurant with a party.



My beautiful daughter put this party together in just about

a weeks time. Keep in mind she is a nurse, has two kids and

is studying to be a Nurse Practitioner…..she’s amazing!



Not only did she have those gorgeous roses, balloons

and a fabulous cake but also a delicious fruit tray.



Then the other two culprits were the love of my life, my

husband, and the best mother in law a woman could ever ask for!

I will never forget how having my family and friends all together

with me meant! I love you all and what a great start to a new life!

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  1. Diane, you have a beautiful daughter, a loving husband and a kind mother-in-law, just congratulations. I’m happy with you. Let happiness continue. All the best!
    Happy birthday to you

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  2. It is well deserving Diane and how nice they gathered together to make your day so special. You didn’t know when you had the special party for your mother-in-law’s birthday (90 I believe?) that you would be having a festive day yourself very soon! (Sorry for my tardiness – my work schedule has been brutal lately.)

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    • Thank you Linda! My mother in law looked at me and said “pay backs” hahahaha. I hope your work slows down it sounds like you are so busy! Hopefully you are getting paid more for the extra hours to help pay for that water heater!

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      • That’s funny Diane – well I had hoped it would slow down later this week but I had computer problems (at work this time) … I was going to stay late tonight, but problems. I was compensated for the extra hours, but I’d truthfully rather have my own time – I am hopelessly behind here at WordPress and have not even had time to do another post … hopefully next week will be better. I need to retire too – I am looking forward to it!

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  3. I’m so happy for you for your next journey! Retirement is a long shot away for me but it is what we work hard for! I can’t wait to see all of the recipes you can come up with now lol!

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