Frozen Yogurt


I am amazed at how delicious Frozen Yogurt tastes.

If you love yogurt, you have to try Frozen Yogurt.

I have a small electric ice cream maker so I thought

I would make Frozen Yogurt and it was delicious!


This is my ice cream maker and it is the first

time I have used it for frozen yogurt.


I had a large container of yogurt so I decided to

add it right from the container. I didn’t know if it

would work or not since it was not homemade

or liquid like it is when I make ice cream.


I poured it right into my frozen ice cream container.


After about 20 minutes of churning this is what

it looked like. It was very creamy and delicious.


I topped it with whipped cream and a cherry. There

was too much to eat it all so after I served it I put the

rest into serving size containers and froze it. Freezing

it is not a great idea as it froze solid, unlike ice cream

does. If you decide to make Frozen Yogurt, plan on

sharing it right away since it doesn’t freeze well,

but it sure tastes great!

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  1. That looks amazing and I love how simple and healthy it was with no added ingredients. Good tip to only make what you’ll have.

    We got this same ice cream maker as a wedding gift many years ago. I suggest trying making avocado ice cream if you get a chance. Yum yum!

    • Wow I have never heard of avocado ice cream! I actually found this brand new ice cream maker for $10 at a Goodwill store (stores that people donate things and the disabled work there selling them for employment. Some of my clients work at them so I try to visit when I can).

  2. I don’t have an ice cream maker which is probably a very good thing for me. As I read this, I thought of putting in chocolate chips. Also, cookie dough. Since it’s yogurt, should be healthy. Right? 😉

  3. Looks wonderful! Since I don’t do sugar, I rarely get “fro-yo” when I take my grandchildren for a treat, unless they have “no sugar added.” I do make my own yogurt at home, using plain unsweetened yogurt, tart cherry juice, stevia, and a dash of almond extract. Now all I need is an ice cream maker …

    • Absolutely and your homemade version would work just fine. When I make my homemade yogurt (which I haven’t done in a while) I added my homemade jam to mine.

    • Thank you Mitzy. I bought them at Smucker’s in Orville Ohio. They were a set of four and came with ice cram topping too. I bought a bunch of them and gave them away for Christmas a while back.

  4. Great way to get the kids to eat more yogurt this summer! You are truly an inspiration! Like the whip cream addition, and of course the cherry topping. A must. I wonder if chocolate sauce would be good? Asking for a friend, C

  5. A good lower-cal alternative to ice cream. Not a replacement, but an alternative. With some fruit and granola, it makes a satisfying lunch too.

      • You have more self control than I do! It’s lovely to hear from you, Diane – was must watching a TV show about making barns into houses around where you live in the USA and I thought of you and you sent this message!
        Great to hear from you and I hope things are a bit more settled with this dreaded C19 ..

        Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🐝

      • Thank you for your nice comment. I am recovering from surgery, week 3 on Monday. 5 more weeks to finish recovery completely. Making it hard to cook big meals so I keep posting quick and easy recipes. I can’t wait to get back to normal. I hope you are doing great too Donna!

  6. I have a small ice cream maker similar to yours, but I’ve never tried frozen yogurt. You have inspired me to give it a whirl!

    • Usually I eat Greek yogurt but this was a big bag of regular yogurt and I was so glad I tried it. It really surprised me how good it tasted. Let me know how yours turns out.

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