Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all of my followers. Enjoy your family and all of the amazing food. I will have a quiet, no cooking day as I have Covid.


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  1. Sorry you aren’t feeling well. I had imagined you with your family gathered round and lots of food. I’m alone, so it will be whatever I decide to eat today. May you heal quickly and completely!

    • Thank you Betty. I didn’t even know I had Covid. I was going to have surgery and had the required Covid test two days before surgery. That was how I found out and they canceled my surgery.

  2. Happy Easter Diane! I hope you are feeling better really soon. For me, the worst part of covid was the fatigue. You wake up feeling great great and then two hours later, you feel like you’ve been run over by a Mack truck!🤗🐇💜

    • Yes!!!!! It knocks you down fast. The simplest thing like taking a shower makes you out of breath and leaves you with no energy. Such a strange virus. At least I can stop worrying about getting it now. Lol

  3. Thank you share your thoughts. We went for dinner locally and had a nice meal instead of cooking. Had a laugh with owners family and three hours at table five courses lovely outing thanks .Hope your day went well too. XXX

    • How nice was that! I was just talking how I wish we would do that on the holidays. Nobody seems to want to host dinner and they all expect to come here. I have hosted for many years and it’s time for the younger ones to take over!

    • Thank you! They aren’t even going to test me again and they have already scheduled surgery in two weeks. Things have sure changed with Covid. Only 5 days quarantined too. My daughter said there isn’t one Covid patient in the ICU where she works.

  4. Happy holidays with your family. Rest and peace, love, health and happiness for you and your family!

  5. I hope you were vaccinated. I’ve had “long covid” for many months; but, thanks to vaccine and booster {#4, next week) I’ve had only a few sensory symptoms. Still walking, talking, writing, every day. Nary a fever.

    • Yes I am only on my 3rd vaccination. Waiting to be eligible for 4th, I heard it is for over 65 or 70, do you know? I’m sure glad you are still doing everything, we would miss you if you stopped! 💕

  6. Oh no!!! I’m so sorry, Diane. How are you feeling? Hope you get well soon. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about you having Covid, Diane! I am wishing you a speedy recovery, and hopefully current symptoms are mild and not long lasting. I hope your Easter was at least a happy one in some way. Take good care! <3

  8. Hugs and blessings, Diane! Hubby and I had Covid at the same time last year so I know how awful it can be. Be sure to keep your Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc levels up to help you fight it.

  9. Oh no! Take good care of yourself. Now is the time to rest and take it easy. You’ll be up and around in no time posting more wonderful recipes. 🙏🏼

      • Oh, good Lord, Diane! Sometimes the hits just keep coming. I haven’t had CT surgery but my wrists are bone on bone and I’ve been lucky to have been able to put it off this songs by having PRP treatments. I have, however, had a hip replacement, a knee replacement and a knee revision when the replacement failed so I can empathize and sympathize with you. I hope all goes well with your CV recovery so you can get the CT surgery over and done with. My thoughts are with you 💕🙏🏼

      • Thank you so much. I had both my knees done too, best thing I ever did! Sounds like you have had your share of problems as well. Take care Nancy!

  10. Hope you had a good Easter and hope your Covid passes as quickly. I got my 1st round in early Feb 2020. Lasted about 14 days, went to the ER and then all they did was give me steroids – but apparently it helped as i am still here. The fever, aches, shills, and swelling (my bad reaction to it all) were the worst I ever had. Usually get the normal flu 1x per year and it only lasts 24-48 hours. Covid is much worse. Hang in there girlfriend!

    • Thank you for your kind words. It was a good Easter. My 93 year old mother in law cooked for us. I had 60 plastic eggs already filled with goodies for the grandkids. My husband hid the eggs and they had so much fun. They gave me covid so I wasn’t worried. My 7 year old grandson walked in with a mask on. I said why do you have a mask on , you gave me covid? He said because I don’t want you to give it back to me. 😂

    • Sorry this is so late Linda. It turned out to be a nice Easter. I had already filled 60 plastic eggs for the kids and Terry hid them outside. They had so much fun finding them and getting all the little toys I filled them with. My Mother in Law fed us, imagine that she’s going to be 93 in a few weeks. My grandson walked in our house with a mask on and I said why do you have your mask on. He said because you have Covid! I said but you gave it to me and he said but I don’t want you to give it back to me! Hahahaha

      • Your grandchildren are both funny. Hope the Covid is all gone now and yes, that is something your mother in law cooking for a crowd at age 93. She is an inspiration!

      • Covid and cold are much better. Worked outside all weekend. Got the ponds up and running and all cleaned out with much needed help from my hubby and grandkids. All the furniture is out and hummingbird & oriole feeders up.

      • You were very productive, so yes you are feeling 100% again and I saw in another post your surgery is on again. I follow Wild Birds Unlimited and he had his first Oriole today – no Hummingbirds yet as we’re back to the deep freeze again tomorrow night – I hope not too many birds are back yet with this weather!

  11. Oh, Diane, I’m just now seeing through this thread that you have Covid. I’m so sorry. I pray you have a mild case and fully recover soon so you can reschedule your surgery and get back in great shape for the spring and summer.

    • Thank you Janet. I found out I had Covid 2 days before surgery, now I have a nasty cold that I have to get rid of by next week so I can have my surgery. The consequences of loving our grandchildren. Whew, what a year. Lol

      • You’re really going to be “out of action” for a couple of weeks … especially in the kitchen 😟. I’ll be thinking of you and hope you will be back on your feet soon. Take it easy and use the time to rest.

      • Thank you, I’m trying to get pictures and food made ahead of time so I don’t have to repost old recipes too much. Covid has me still tired so we’ll see. Lol

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