Oatmeal On The Go

Whether you eat Oatmeal every day or just occasionally, this is a quick, easy and delicious way to fix oatmeal at work or at home. You won’t ever buy the processed instant oatmeal again after you taste this!

To see my step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click HERE.


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  1. Thanks Diane. I do have the instant oatmeal every breakfast (steel cut oat brown sugar and maple flavour) mainly for the convenience of time and prep. Will have to try this out as an alternative!


    • You can make it in your heat proof containers a week at a time if you want. Then all you do is microwave water, pour it in the jar and get T’s breakfast and yours will be ready too. BTW, I’ve been wondering how your Mom is doing.

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      • Thanks for the tip, Diane!

        And thanks for asking about my mom. 💕 She is doing much better now that we’ve identified the condition (myositis) and put her on proper medication. I take her now to weekly physiotherapy to help rebuild her strength. She’ll never be her old self but we definitely see improvements in both physical and mental mindset. And that’s all we can ask for at this time. 😊

        Hope you are doing better as well and that COVID has passed!


      • That’s wonderful news about your Mom Ab. Diagnosing the proper issue is half the battle. I hope she continues to improve.

        Covid has left me tired and weak but otherwise not bad, this too shall get better. Thank you for asking Ab.

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