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I have no words for how I feel about this unforgettable year but I had to share the way I decided to remember it, with a Christmas ornament. Our Christmas tree has mainly one ornament for every place we have vacationed. This year we were going to be in Hawaii to celebrate our 30th anniversary in November, which we had to cancel. In place of an ornament from Hawaii I decided to purchase the one thing that kept us from going there. Isn’t it amazing how one ornament says it all?

Stay safe everyone as this nasty virus is on a comeback.

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  1. I don’t want to make light of your situation but I had quite the chuckle at your ornament. It is perfect! Hawaii will still be there for you both when this stupid pandemic passes. Happy anniversary!

    • They nailed that ornament didn’t they. What I like is every year we put it on the tree we can honor the people that lost their lives in 2020. As for the trip, we can wait. After 30 years what’s another year or two.

      • Exactly. This will all pass before you know it. My hubby turns 40 in November and we’re just gonna celebrate us three (with the scallops recipe!). The big celebration can wait.

  2. I was going to visit my son in Portugal, walk the El Camino to celebrate my 60th, and stay with our lifelong friends at a villa in Italy to celebrate our anniversaries. 2020 was in the planning for over a year! Instead we’re playing hide and seek with a crazy virus. What happened to our lives? I tell you what, as long as my family is healthy, I’m enormously grateful. Nothing else really matters. Lessons learned this year. Love your ornament memento. 💞

    • That’s exactly how I feel Cheryl. We are together and healthy so that is all that matters. Also, I am using the money from our trip to do lots of work around and inside the house. The trip would have come and gone and left us with memories but the remolding I see every day.

    • Thank you Amanda. It’s not a year to celebrate but I want to put it on the tree every year to honor all the people that have died from this awful virus. You stay safe too Amanda!❤️

  3. It has been such a tough year for so many. I am sorry you had to forgo your anniversary trip. I hope you are able to go next year to celebrate. This year shouldn’t count for anniversaries or birthdays. I do like your ornament though. I have been looking at getting that one as well.

  4. Sorry about your anniversary trip. We couldn’t even go out to dinner for ours in April. This year will be a good one to remember, for it will prove how resilient we can be. By the grace of God, we will survive, because He is sovereign over all things.

    • I understand that! But they way I look at it is every year I put it on my tree it will remind us and let us honor all the people that lost their lives to this nasty virus.

  5. The toilet paper and sanitizer, very wonderful and representative of the times, pretty much summarizes 2020 for sure. Hope you get to take that trip soon, but this beautiful piece can tide that over temporarily haha

  6. I hope you and your family stay safe, Diane. This is a difficult time. I suspect that the virus will be around for a long time, so we need to find ways to deal with the situation in the best way possible.

  7. Ah so sorry about your anniversary trip, I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, hopefully you will get there next year. The ornament is cute and does say it all for sure. We can only hope and pray that this will end sooner rather than later. Happy Anniversary Diane and Terry

  8. Diane I love this! It sums up 2020 perfectly. Would you mind if I incorporated it into a blog post for my own blog? I’m happy to send you an advance copy for vetting, should you wish.

    Thanks for posting,

  9. What a great ornament to commemorate this crazy year! I hope you will be able to celebrate your anniversary in some wonderful way. Stay safe!

  10. So sorry to hear about your anniversary plans. Hawaii will be waiting for you! The ornament is really cute and commemorative of an extremely challenging year. Take care Diane! – Neek

  11. Well celebrating your 30th anniversary in the cabana and hanging the ornament, cute and clever as it is, on the Christmas tree this year, is a bummer. I hope that in 2021 you can try again to recreate that special vacation. For most people, the calendar year 2020 goes down in history as a “non-year” so think of it as technically your 30-year anniversary anyway!

  12. Beautiful ornament for Christmas 2020! And so appropriate! I pray for all who’ve lost loved ones this year and that this crisis is over soon. Maybe 2021 will be much better! Here’s hoping you make that trip soon! <3

  13. Love the ornament, it says it all. There are so many of us who had to cancel plans…we should be in Europe now. At least we are healthy at the moment, let’s hope it stays that way until there is a vaccine.

  14. Adorable and on point ornament. I love your sense of humor. Happy 30th anniversary 🥂 All our plans for 2020 are cancelled too. I was supposed to attend a large family wedding in India. The marriage will happen but the large wedding will not. Hope we can all get back to normal soon.

    • Oh that is so sad for the bride and groom. I feel so badly for anyone that was suppose to have a big wedding and can’t and how exciting that would have been for you. I guess we are all in the same boat unfortunately. Thank you and stay safe!

    • Thank you Geri. I have one from 911 too. I bought a large blown glass flag and wrote 911 on the side. For me it is a way to honor the people that have died from both of these tragedies.

  15. I love your sense of humor. Happy 30th anniversary 🥂 All our plans for 2020 are canceled too. I was supposed to attend a large family wedding in India. The marriage will happen but a large wedding will not. Hope we can all get back to normal soon.

    • I actually bought it so I can think about all the people that have lost their lives to Covid. I want to hang it every year and think of them. I did the same thing for 911 attacks with an hand blown American Flag.

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