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Have you ever had a Kobe Beef Burger? If not you should try one as it was one of the best burgers I have tasted that was cooked at home. My parents had me over for supper since my husband had to work. They purchased these Kobe Burgers from Kroger’s for about $11.00 for four burgers. They seem to be similar to the Japanese version but much cheaper. Have you ever heard of the Japanese Wagyu Beef Steaks? These can sell for up to $26.85 per ounce for the real certified beef. Read on about this unique and unbelievably overpriced Japanese beef meat but said to be worth the taste.


As you can see these burgers were not from Japan but from the national grocery store in America.


This is a screen shot from Amazon.com on 10-15-20 of the Genuine Kobe Ribeye steaks they are selling. Are you thinking why would anyone want all that fat in their steak? It’s because it is actually good for you. It is filled with unsaturated fats, which have been shown to lower cholesterol levels. It is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids making it the healthiest red meat that you can eat! The marbling of the web like fat deposits is what makes this beef tender and melt in your mouth quality.


I Googled Wagyu cattle pictures and this screen shot shows that they look just like regular cattle. Wagyu cattle are raised in luxury and fed a special diet. They are slaughtered at three years old, eighteen months longer than the traditional techniques. The cost of purchasing one of these cattle can cost up to $200.00 per pound and the cows themselves can cost as much as $30,000.


On my retirement income, I will have to stick to the American Kobe Beef Burgers like my parents made for me! Maybe some day I will be able to afford the Wagyu steak, which I would love to taste, but I doubt it.


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    • Very nice looking burgers! I would eat em all!

      Just want to mention that “Kobe Beef” is just Wagyu beef that came from the city of Kobe in the Hyogo prefecture of Japan.

      Wagyu beef is also on graded on its own system; from A1 to A5 (A5 being the highest grade with the most marbling, and the most expensive). Kobe is extremely well known for producing A5 grade wagyu, and become the name that everyone knows.

      Fun fact is that there are only about 9 restaurants in the USA that actually sell authentic wagyu beef that was imported from Kobe!

      I highly recommend giving it a shot if you ever find yourself in Japan!

  1. These look so mouth wateringly delicious! I’ve only had Angus burgers. I guess Kobe is next level. And then Wagyu!

    When we went for a drive last week, T saw a bunch of cows in the field. He said “Some cows have milk that come out of the udder. And some have hamburgers.” I didnt have the heart to tell him how hamburgers are really made.

    • Hahahahahaha He is the sweetest boy and you made me laugh! You should have asked him where chocolate milk comes from. My kids always said the brown cows and the white milk comes from the white cows. Don’t you just want to get a notebook and write down all the things he says like that. I always swore I was going to do it and never did.

  2. Hey! Later for the Wagyu. We need more good ole American beef! The steaks looked good too, and you are100% right about the fat. Anyway, if you grill it, most of the fat cooks away, leaving the beef tender and juicy. All you need now is a good salad and a baked potato

  3. I’ve had the Kobe beef burgers years ago at a restaurant, not the Wagyu, but the American version as well. It was really good. Yours looks so good as well.

    • I was thinking of you when I posted my Nacho Supreme recipe. I told my husband I should leave the bacon off just for you and then decided it would be easy to leave it off and add beans instead. He didn’t like that idea! I guess my popcorn and applesauce did’t count…lol

  4. Diane….I’ve never heard of them, and I just finished posting about cattle! I’m wondering what the difference is with the non-expensive kind….is it just higher in fat but from a different type of cattle? I’m assuming most of the fat cooks out of it?

    • Hahaha great minds think alike! Yes it is how they raise the cattle and it has to come from a certain place in Japan from what I read. They slaughter them later than we do and only let them get to a certain weight and not over that weight. They are massaged and basically treated like royalty. If you get a chance Google the beef and read all the interesting facts.

      • I did read up on it Diane. It’s interesting. Growing up on a farm we raised our own beef cattle, so I find hamburgers now to taste much different and try to avoid them in restaurants period! More noticeable with hamburgers than other cuts of meat.

  5. Wow, I do not think I will be eating Wagyu meat any time soon. I have had Kobe beef burgers and yes, they were good, but I didn’t put much on them because I wanted the taste to come through. yum.

  6. Just my opinion…do not over cook the beef. The meat should be in the medium range. You can purchase the same patties at Publix. I am not a hamburger lover, but these are special. And I am a proud mama. Diane is my daughter.

  7. I’ve never had nor heard of Kobe beef … thanks for enlightening me about it. I have heard in the past about marbled beef and that it gave a better taste. Lucky you, something else to try and is there anything that is not available on Amazon?

  8. That is amazing, Diane. We’ve not had either types but have heard of them. We are spoiled with our own beef we raise here.🙂

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  9. I’ve got to say, those Wagyu cattle look very healthy. When you think about how factory farm animals are raised (and the subsidies that go into locally raised meat), Wagyu doesn’t seem quite so outrageously expensive.

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