Boiled Cider Syrup


Did you know that you can Boil Cider and turn it into a delicious Syrup? Use it instead of honey, over pancakes or waffles, brush it on vegetables, add it to yogurt…….. the possibilities are endless.

To see how to make Boiled Cider with a printable recipe card click HERE.

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    • It is something to do once a year when the apples are ready and the cider is made. It is such an intense and delicious flavor like I have never had before. Thank you Sheree! 🌺

  1. Interesting. Hadn’t thought of that type of syrup before. I came upon a UK recipe last month which used *Golden Syrup*, and that got me searching…. In US golden syrup is not a thing, but it’s easy enough to make. I’m thinking of making a batch for simple Christmas gifts in nice resealable jars. Have you ever used it in a recipe Diane?

    • Yes I use it with my homemade unsweetened yogurt adding it just before I eat it and it is great to replace whenever a recipe calls for honey. It adds a whole new taste. What a great idea to give it as gifts. I made homemade vanilla extract and did that too. I think I am too selfish with this liquid gold to give it away…lol

    • It wold be good on so many things. I put most of mine into my home made yogurt just before I ate it as I make my yogurt unsweetened and used this as my sweetener. You could brush it on veggies, chicken…etc. the possibilities are endless.

    • I never really timed it but it takes a few hours. I’m thinking it was 4-6 but I think I had the temperature too low because I was afraid I would burn it. I did more of a simmer instead of a boil so it should have went quicker. The flavor is the most intense flavor of cider I have ever tasted….so good!!!!

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