It’s A Boy!

Yesterday my son and his wife made us Grandparents for the fourth time! We now have two grandchildren from both of our kids. There is nothing more special than bringing a new life into this world. We can’t wait to meet our new grandson!

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    • Thank you but you forgot the most important part, spoil, cuddle and then send them home. They said his first night at the hospital he woke up every hour!!!! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Lol But seriously, we are so excited. 🥰

  1. How wonderful for you and your husband, for your son and his wife! There are few things that come close to welcoming a baby into the family. Enjoy your visit and luxuriate in that first whiff of dreamy newborn baby. Congratulations, Diane! 👩🏻‍🍼

    • I bought another huge case of diapers and wipes. My son fishes all the time so I bought a soft baby fishing tackle box filled with teething fish, lures, small fishing pole etc. All made of soft material and they squeak and rattle etc. They said not to buy any clothes or toys. I’m thinking really? I’m a grandma! So they surely will be happy with diapers and wipes! Lol

      • Oh for sure, they’ll go thru the diapers and wipes like wildfire and the fishing tackle box sounds cute. I remember your son likes to fish as you mentioned it before. That will make for a cute picture of your son and his gear and grandson with his gear. 🙂

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