Another Grandson In July!

Well I can’t hold my 3rd grandson

just yet, but I will in July!

Then I will have three grandsons

and one granddaughter,

I couldn’t be happier.

When my son and his wife were

pregnant with their first son,

I made this diaper cake for

the baby shower.

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  1. Congratulations Diane! What a wonderful prospect! You are a rich grandma to have so many grandchildren … another little one who might later come and help Grandma in the kitchen to make delicious food 😉. And I love the diaper cake (I also made one for a friend of mine a few years ago … but not nearly as cute as yours)!

  2. Congratulations! I’ m sure you’re so happy. I love this cake, but you are pretty creative so I guess the new baby will get his own design. Go lay down and get some rest. You will be holding that little boy real soon and every night in your dreams.

  3. Hmm – I lost my comment … how cool is this Diane! I started to say “at least you didn’t have to bake it” then read you made it. I wondered how many diapers it took, then read in the original post it was 112! They’re off to a good start with 112 diapers … is that a week’s worth perhaps? I never babysat nor have I ever been around babies longer than five minutes. 🙂

    • Yes I made it and what fun it was. I’m not sure how long they last now, diapers are more absorbent than when my kids wore them. I used to change them a lot so they didn’t get diaper rash. It’s pretty exciting to have another baby in the family but with my chronic pain I’m not going to be as involved as I would like to be, this makes me so sad.

      • I didn’t know that about diapers – I have never changed a baby’s diaper. I never even babysat – I’d be lost. 🙂 I hope you can find another way to be involved with this new baby that you can enjoy its arrival anyway despite all the pain.

      • I will, we can still drive there and visit for short trips. We went to Amish Country and half way through I thought I wouldn’t make it home. Took a few days to recover so I’m really worried about our next trip near your way!

      • Well at least you can go in the middle of the week so there will not be as many crowds to get around. You might want to think about asking now if you can reserve a wheelchair and make it easy on yourself – less fatigue. My mom used a cane for years and as her mobility was not good in later years, we bought a lightweight wheelchair so we could go places that she could no longer walk long distances for. We took a trip down South the first year with it – went to Kentucky Horse Park … lots of walking and were able to go around the whole place, then we went to the Toledo Zoo for the Koala bears, to malls as well. She was not keen on the idea, but this chair was only 25 pounds, easily foldable to put in the back of the car. I ended up giving the wheelchair to a friend’s mom who lived near me for her daughter who had mobility issues – it works for her as she cannot walk far. I am sure you can reserve a chair so you can enjoy all the flowers as it is spread out. A few years ago I did a virtual 5K to raise money for Tulip Time. You could walk the 5K anywhere but they sent e-mails if you wanted to do it in person.

      • I’m hoping it won’t be that much walking as my MIL will be 94 on May 5th and she can’t walk much better than me. We will figure it out and take breaks at the hotel if we need to.

      • I just looked and you can rent a scooter (Amigo) (pick up/drop off at the Tulip Time office) … if you reserve now, you could guarantee to get one or two if you thought you and/or your MIL would like to go that route. I’ll give you a separate comment for the link.

      • You’re welcome Diane. Yes, I’d see if I could reserve it now if there is no fee to do so (in case you both feel up to it and have no need for it which I hope is the case).

    • I have bought every grandchild a rubber duck for the bathtub. This one has a sensor on the bottom that turns red if the water is too hot for the baby to go in, brilliant!

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