Diaper Cake


My son is going to be a Dad! They want to be surprised so it will be a few weeks before I know if I will have a grandson or a granddaughter. This will be my 3rd grandchild. Yesterday I went to my daughter-in-laws baby shower and this is one of the things I took. It only took a few hours to make this and it was so much fun!



Start by cutting a cardboard circle that is about 14” round. I just bought a cake board. Hot glue a paper towel or wrapping paper cardboard tube to the base.



I used my 10”, 12” and 14” cake pans to hold the diapers since I didn’t have any extra hands. If you don’t have the pans, have somebody help you hold the diapers in place.





Completely fill the diapers in the pans overlapping with the white part facing out.

Yes I used every single one of these 112 quantity size 2 diapers.



Tie a string tightly around the diapers, holding them together, then remove the diapers from the pans.







Place the diapers over the cardboard tube onto the cake board with the largest on the bottom.



Cut the cardboard tube just below the diapers being careful not to cut the diapers.



Place ribbon around each diaper layer, covering the string. Hot glue the ribbon together being VERY CAREFUL not to get any glue on the diapers.



I hot glued a second ribbon for contrast and the wooden letters. Place a toy or stuffed animal in the top.



Side view: Now the fun part! Start adding whatever you want all around the diaper cake layers.



Back view: I added diaper bag size small lotion, wipes etc. I tied them onto the ribbon to keep them in place.



Other side view.



That’s it, so simple and so much fun to make! There will be no two alike. Go shopping and buy whatever you think will work on your cake. A bit of warning though, this diaper cake cost over $100.00 to make.







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  1. I love these. My neighbour made them for all her grandchildren and any other babies around. For a couple of showers that we were both going to I made the edible cake, she made the diaper cake and we split the costs down the middle so both were from both of us! Yours is really cute!

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  2. truly a great idea and a conversation piece – nice step by step.
    and congrats on being a grandmom for thrid time.

    my husband’s daughter just had her baby and I am now a grandmom – woo hoo

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  3. Congratulations on being a grandmom again. A wonderful idea and gift. Curiosity brought me here as I thought you were baking a cake🤔Only to find that you were cooking up something entirely different😀. Your talents are infinate you’re truly blessed💖💖💖Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Oh my gosh, this is so cool. I will definitely have to add this link to my favorite post coming up (when I get around to posting) I am having too much fun reading all the blogs I follow and seeing what you all have been up to. I will have to share this with my cousin, another baby is coming to our family so a baby shower will be in the future soon.

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