Family Love

How lucky can a Mom/Grandma be when you’re not feeling well and your daughter and grandchildren each walk in with a bouquet of flowers?

They each picked out their favorite bouquet and I almost didn’t get all three bouquets in my vase. The pictures are the front and back of the vase.

My Granddaughter made me a beautiful card and they all wrote on it, they definitely made me feel better.

Thank you to my thoughtful Daughter, Granddaughter and Grandson! 💕💕💕

Does anyone know the name of the purple flower in the center of the bouquet in the last picture? It has the most wonderful scent.

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      • Indeed that amazing scented lavender (also can be found in eggplant, peach, yellow, white, true purple and on occasion, a soft soft green. They are thirsty flowers and tend to continue growing even after they have been cut and used in a floral creation. The scent, for me, is quite intoxicating. The blooms are quite delicate but encourages recutting adding them to fresh water. Delicate, lovely and a creation of God’s beauty as you most certainly are as well Diane. If life’s challenges seem overwhelming and you find yourself questioning how much God does treasure you, look to the fields, walk through a garden or even the floral department in a grocery store or local nursery. You will be amazed and hopefully reminded that if God so meticulously dressed each and every bloom, how much more has He meticulously created and loves you. As He cared to clothe the lilies of the fields, He has done a more perfect work within you and your precious family. Flowers speak every language and tend to soothe my own soul through these challenging times. May you feel treasured and enjoy such beauty both in a vase and in the mirror 🥰

  1. You are truly blessed Diane to get such colourful love from your daughter and grandchildren 🌸. Unfortunately, I don’t know the purple flower, but it’s beautiful. Hope you feel much better – hugs!!

  2. Oh the love, Diane!  You are blessed and a blessing.  I hope you are feeling better. 🙏

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  3. Congratulations, how good it is to have a loving family who remembers various anniversaries. I wish you lots of health and love for everyone in the family.
    This purple flower may be delphinium.

  4. I’m very sorry that you’re not feeling well! I hope it’s nothing serious and that you’re on the mend, Diane.

    The flowers are beautiful! 😊

  5. Feel better, Diane!
    They are very beautiful flowers. I am into indoor gardening but flowers are not my wheelhouse. If you can, try downloading the app PictureThis into your phone. Take a pic of your plant or flower and get immediate info on it. I use it all the time while gardening or at the nursery.
    Hope you’re back to yourself very soon! 💐

  6. What a thoughtful and beautiful gesture from you daughter and grandkids! <3 They are such lovely flowers, and had to have added so much sunshine to your day! I hope you are feeling better soon, Diane! 🙂

  7. You are truly blessed Diane to get such colourful love from your daughter and grandchildren 🌸. Unfortunately, I don’t know the purple flower, but it’s beautiful. Hope you feel much better

  8. How wonderful, Diane. I hope you are feeling better now. I love how thoughtful this is, you are truly blessed by a wonderful family. I love flowers, but am lucky to be able to identify the basic ones, so am no help there.

    • Thank you Carla. More bad days than good anymore but life goes on. Yes my daughter is a NP so she understands what I am dealing with so her and the grandkids are very thoughtful.

  9. The flowers are all gorgeous Diane – you have a very thoughtful family. Flowers will always cheer you even on your most-down day. I hope you learned the name of the sweet-smelling, mystery flower?

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