Did You Know – Shrimp

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The heart of a shrimp is located in its head and they have an open circulatory system, which means they have no arteries and their organs float directly in the blood.

That black vein that runs along the back of the shrimp is an intestinal tract and does not taste very good. While shrimp can be cooked and eaten with or without the vein, most people prefer it removed for taste and presentation.

Shrimp have ten jointed legs (five pair), three pair are for walking and two pair have claws and are used for feeding.

Shrimp have three body parts: head, thorax and abdomen and they have a thin and hard exoskeleton which you peel off before eating.

There are five pair of appendages which are used for swimming and carrying eggs. The tail is used for swimming as well.

The best thing about shrimp is how they taste! Below are just a few of my recipes using shrimp.

15 Minute Baked Italian Shrimp

Creamy Tuscan Shrimp & Linguine

Cheesy Shrimp Nachos

Cheesy Creamy Seafood Pasta Casserole

Cajun Shrimp & Rice Tortilla

Shrimp Boil



  1. I agree that the best thing about these ugly creatures is how they taste! Scampi is a favorite of mine, but that shrimp boil may be calling me too!

  2. 💜 Awesome 👌🏾 👏🏾 👍🏾 😍 💖 😎 👌🏾 ; here in Oz We Say “Throw a Shrimp on the Barbie” same goes for prawns…typically We throw red, pink or white meat on to a BBQ/Barbie/Braai; whereas seafood is underrated for outdoor cooking and dining

    Thank YOU!!!


  3. Few things there not known by me .I do know that shrimps feed on meat and human bodies at sea a treat to shrimps and prawns . In my army years full proof i did witness of this . What the eye fails to witness the stomach takes as good .I still eat sea food so yes best to know how they are built . Thank you

  4. I love the seafood casserole and so does my family. I need to try a couple more of these. If my shrimp has the vein, I always take it off, too gross to eat.

    • That seafood casserole is amazing. I made it for my daughter on her birthday- Big mistake because she asks me to make it all the time now. I don’t mind making it but the seafood here is super expensive. I told my husband I may use all shrimp next time but I’m sure it won’t taste as good. Yes that “poop” vein, as I call it, grosses me out too and gives the shrimp a bad taste. I’m glad you loved the casserole Carla.

  5. That was interesting about the shrimp and yes, there is an “ick factor” with the intestines showing. I think I have mentioned to you in the past that friends of our family were world travelers and I visited them in Puerto Rico for 10 days (they lived there a couple of years while the husband set up a factory and got it up and running … she was from Spain, so no language barrier there). I also traveled with them through Spain where we’d stop at these little vendors who would serve eels (laying in a box like pencils) which I couldn’t eat and they would frequent places where the shrimp were in a big barrel with ice chips and the cook reached in and threw them on the grill – yes, I could see the intestines and no I couldn’t deal with it, head and all and they went on the grill a few minutes. Good way to lose weight. But preparing shrimp as you do here is a whole ‘nother story!

    • Hahahaha I don’t know what was funnier, visualizing your description of the eels laying like pencils in a box or the shrimp and losing weight! Terry picked up shrimp at Meijer’s and they were a BOGO bag. He went to make something with them and they were shelled but the black intestine was never removed so he cleaned everyone before he cooked them. Nope, no way am I wasting time doing that I would rather pitch them (Which is why I think he did it). 🤣

      • Ha ha – yes, I couldn’t deal with that either. Terry will be ready to go back to work if he makes that mistake again. So he had to cut each shrimp open and scrape it out – ugh. Yes, our friends were really big fish eaters and I could not deal with the eels that looked like pencils or the worm we had in science class and it was pinned onto the dissecting tray … what a useless exercise that was. We could have just looked at a photo on the insides – forget dissecting worms, frogs and the fetal pig.

      • My daughter had to take regurgitated owl pellets, dig through them and try to put the bones of the mice etc back together to determine what it ate. Maybe that’s why she’s a nurse practitioner now! 🤣

      • Oh my goodness – that is terrible! Or was that in high school or nursing school or NP classes? That would not be fun and would be icky. They have these Metroparks interpretative classes and walks you can take. I took a few when I got my first pass in 2018 – one class is dissecting owl pellets.

      • That was in high school, however, the metro parks did a program and showed the same thing. It really wasn’t disgusting at all and yes that is what is was, the regurgitated pellets.

      • Hmm – interesting. Yes our Metropark have that dissection of pellets and one of the Metroparks you can go on an Owl Prowl, in the dark through the woods and everyone holds onto a big lantern to look for owls. No thanks – I’m too squeamish with spiders and centipedes and if there was a bat, snake, mouse, I’d have a heart attack on the spot.

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