Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker



Have you ever eaten a Panini Sandwich? My husband bought this Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker for me quite a few years ago. This particular one is made by Hamilton Beach and cost about $25.00. Amazon currently has this unit for sale but also said this model has been discontinued. There are many types to choose from and I’m sure they are just as good as this one.


Any Panini Press will make a golden brown toasted sandwich. If you butter the outside of the bread it gives added taste and looks like it came from a restaurant. If you don’t want the added fat, just spray the Panini Sandwich Maker with cooking spray just before you place your sandwich on the preheated unit. I love that these units brown both sides evenly and at the same time. Make your sandwich with all the fixings and just place it on the preheated Panini Sandwich Maker. Follow the directions on your unit to make sure you do it correctly. If you like your sandwiches toasted, this is the way to go!            

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  1. Hello ! Merci pour les conseils – I have not Panini toaster- but I ate one in a pastry shoplast week : oeufs mimosa, chicken, tomatoes, salad – a fresh complete meal – amitiés – france 🙂

  2. We used to have one, and used it often. Now I try to minimise my kitchen equipment and gadgets, so I use a fly pan. It does mean buttering the outside of the bread, and using an egg spatula to press on it as it cooks. The result is still great though….

  3. I gave myself one for Christmas. It is a panini press and grill. It is by The Rock, from Canadian Tire in Canada. I brought it with me to Florida and used if for steak, hamburgers and sandwiches. It was great. Only

    • That’s a great idea Rebecca! We had one but the Teflon got scratched up pretty bad and I pitched it. Clean up on the Panini is easy and doesn’t scratch because we just cook bread on it. It still looks like new.

  4. LOVE Paninis! I have a press that has plates that can be switched out either grills or flat. And the press can also open up all the way to be an open grill. I love it. I bought it when my kitchen was being worked on years ago. I used to use it all the time. I need to break it out! Thanks for the reminder!

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