Cleaning a Blender Safely & Quickly


We all know how tough it can be cleaning a blender. Especially when you use it to make something like the Peanut Butter Smoothie I posted a few days ago. That blade can be extremely sharp and hard to get the food out. These simple directions will make it easy to clean without getting hurt by the blade.

  1. Rinse the pitcher part of the blender removing any excess food particles.
  2. Place a drop of dish soap into the pitcher, only a drop.
  3. Place hot tap water into the pitcher and turn it on for about 10 seconds, placing a towel over the lid in case it leaks a little.
  4. Turn it off and pour the water out. If there is still food in the blender or on the blades just repeat the process.
  5. Rinse thoroughly.
  6. Take the pitcher apart and allow to air dry.

Categories: Cooking Tips, Gadgets


  1. wanted to chime in and add that I keep a spray bottle of bleach under the sink = and I know that bleach is on the iffy to use list – but I like it for cleaning our ninja – after we make certain things = it helps sanitize it –

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    • Bleach is a great sanitizer. That’s all I use in my shower and bathtub. I also use it in my kitchen sink. My husband used to be a health inspector and he said all I need is rubbing alcohol to kill bacteria so I use that on my counters if I get chicken etc. on them. I keep a spray bottle of the rubbing alcohol under my sink…lol Thanks you have a wonderful tip!


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