Slow Cooker Safety


Do you know the safest way to cook in a slow cooker? Did you even know there are safety rules that may help keep you from getting sick? My Mom sent me this article by Leanne Ely who writes for the New York Times and I thought I would share with you her list of 7 rules to follow.





  1. Great tips on using a slow cooker! We received one for our wedding but have used it only once or twice. I plan to use it more often now – Neek

  2. You could also get an Instant Pot and use the slow cooker less. I have two of each, actually. While I use the pressure cooker (IP) more, I like making certain dishes in the slow cooker still. Proud to say, I knew all these precautions.

      • The homemade yogurt you can make alone is worth the IP purchase. My daughter says I have to give up an item each time I buy a new kitchen gadget. She will learn lol

      • Hahaha she sure will! I actually make my homemade yogurt in my dehydrator. I have a huge Excalibur and I can make a bunch of jars at one time. Still think I need an Instapot though😁

      • Yes, yes you do. Whole chicken in less than an hour ..ribs too! Risotto you don’t have to stand over. Let me know when you get yours.

    • Thank you and you’re right! People think they get a bug when it’s actually food poisoning! My husband is a retire health inspector and you would be shocked at some of his stories!

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