Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


I made this Buffalo Chicken Sandwich for my lunch. We get gigantic chicken breasts from Sam’s Club so I thawed one out, cut it in half and pounded both halves to the same size. Pounding the chicken also makes the chicken very tender. This is a very hearty sandwich and if you added some homemade fries it would make for a great supper as well.






Place the chicken breast in a plastic

bag and pound evenly.



Brush both sides of the chicken breast with

wing sauce then salt and pepper to taste.



Pour a little olive oil in a medium frying pan

over medium heat and cook the chicken.



Brush olive oil or melted butter on

both insides of the bun.



In a large frying pan over medium-high

heat, brown the inside of the buns.



Place the toasted bottom of the bun on a plate.

Layer the lettuce and then the tomato.



Place the chicken on top.



Spread Miracle Whip or Mayo on top of the chicken.

Put a spoonful of wing sauce on the inside of the top bun.

Serve immediately.


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich




1 chicken breast

wing sauce

olive oil

1 hamburger bun

salt & pepper to taste


2 tomato slices

Any type dressing like blue cheese, Mayonnaise, Miracle Whip etc.


Pound the chicken breast so it is even in thickness. Brush it on all sides with wing sauce.

Salt & pepper the top of the chicken breast.

In a small frying pan with a little olive oil, over medium heat, cook the chicken until it is 165 degrees.

Brush olive oil or melted butter on the inside of the bun. In a frying pan brown the inside of both bun pieces.

On the bottom half of the browned bun, place lettuce then sliced tomato pieces.

Add the cooked chicken breast and top with the dressing.

Spread about a Tbl of wing sauce on the inside of the top bun.

Serve immediately.








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