Storage, Thawing & Cooking A Turkey

Next week is Thanksgiving and most turkeys that you buy at the store are frozen. Don’t get stuck with a turkey that isn’t thawed in time or that is thawed improperly which can make people sick.

Click HERE to see the times to store, thaw and cook your turkey.


  1. It’s always interesting for me to read your posts about turkeys (especially because it’s something we’ve never cooked before). I was surprised to read that you can store a whole turkey in the freezer for up to a year (you probably need a large freezer for that)!

    • I have never seen a fresh turkey for sale at the grocery stores here, they are always frozen. We have to get them fresh from a farmer and you have to put your order in early for them. I personally am not that crazy about turkey, I would eat chicken any day before turkey. Turkey is so big that you can’t get it seasoned like you can a chicken. Turkey meat always seems dry to me.

  2. Thawing, like cooking should be done slowly. If people just take their time and give the turkey the attention it deserves it will be fine. One more thing though, when buying a turkey, carefully check the wrapping. Make sure there are no holes in it.

  3. Can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving already. The year just flew by. Are you hosting this year?

    We do the thawing in the cold water trick and follow it with 1-2 days in the fridge. It takes a long time indeed.

    Enjoy the delicious feasts ahead!

    • I know, the weeks just fly by. No, due to medical reasons I can’t make dinner this year. We will be eating out this year so that we can be with my parents and mother in law too. Everyone is coming except for my son’s family. He has been having us all over on Thanksgiving but it is too hard for our parents to travel that distance. I also told everyone I won’t be hosting Christmas this year too. We will stop at their houses instead. I have zero stress when I think of Christmas this year. 😃

      • Glad you are taking it easy on yourself this year the no stress approach makes the most sense. I also hope that you are ok. Medical reason does not sound good or fun!

      • Thank you Ab, sucks getting old. On top of what I have been dealing with medically, severe sciatica nerve pain sent me to the ER a few days ago. I can’t seem to kick it but it takes 1-2 weeks to go away I heard. So glad I am not cooking for Thanksgiving or they may have left hungry! 🤣

  4. We only had turkey breast when we had turkey as it was just the two of us. When my father was still around we had Rock Cornish Hens or Duck (my father liked the grease which he liked to spread on toast).

    • I will take duck over turkey any day. We ate a lot of Cornish game hens as a kids but Terry doesn’t like them. He said it’s too much work to eat such a little bird. Lol

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