Did You Know – Corned Beef Sandwich

According to NASA, on March 23, 1965 the first Corned Beef Sandwich orbited the Earth. The pilot, John Young, smuggled it aboard the Gemini III spacecraft and hid the unapproved sandwich in the pocket of his spacesuit right before launch.

Two hours into the almost five hour long flight, he offered some to the commander of the mission. It took less than a minute for the exchange, however, the bread crumbs that came off could have floated behind the instrument panel or into one of the astronauts eyes making it necessary for the commander to quickly shove the sandwich in his spacesuit pocket.

The approved food for the flight, meanwhile, was kept in a box next to the commander.

Below is my favorite sandwich made with Corned Beef. Click to see my printable recipe.


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  1. Corned beef is the best! I wonder if the person got in trouble for smuggling it on board. It was a very risky move!

  2. Last time i had corned beef was in ration time after last war as a child . Argentina English bred beef Hereford cattle but not a happy memory really .

  3. Corned Beef made from British Hereford cattle in Argentina as source of protein for Navy ratings . Ration time after last world war it was all we had to eat .Not a happy memory dear lady

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