Merry Covid Christmas

I had to cancel our Christmas celebration due to multiple family members having Covid. I will be celebrating with my husband only for now. Once they all get well we will celebrate at a later date with each family separately. I hope you all have a wonderful Merry Christmas and please stay safe! ❤️ Diane

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  1. I’m very sorry about your family. I hope the symptoms are mild and that everyone will recover quickly.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas, despite all of this, and hope you all get to celebrate soon!


  2. Same thing happened to me Diane…. we’ll do it later!  Have a blessed Christmas and New Year!Sent from my T-Mobile 5G Device


  3. Plans changing are not so bad, but having sick family members is! I am so sorry. I will pray for your daughter’s quick recovery. I don’t talk about it much online, but I highly recommend the Hydroxychloroquin/Antibiotic/Ivermectin route. My husband had it bad and was getting worse when we obtained this online through America’s Frontline Doctors because our state wouldn’t allow it. His O2 numbers rose after one day on the treatment and except for lingering fatigue, he was well after a week. May God bless your family.


    • Wow how lucky he was! My daughter is an RN nurse and works the ICU and Covid unit. They gave her the IV antibodies and yesterday was day 3 and she was feeling so much better. Like your husband, she still has a way to go but what an improvement. Thank you so much!💕

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      • I am so glad to hear that. What an answer to prayers for her! If I remember correctly, y’all went to great lengths to keep everyone safe with the grandchildren staying with you during a lot of the pandemic. You will have a lot to celebrate when she is feeling better–Christmas, New Year’s, and her recovery!


  4. We are all with you in spirit. Kudos for being safe rather than sorrow. As Scrooge learned, we should honor the spirit of Christmas EVERY day. 🙂


  5. I’m so sorry that so many family members ended up with Covid. This new variant is super contageous, even for the vaccinated. You made the right choice to wait and celebrate when all are well. I hope that you and your husband had a nice Christmas together, despite all the changes, and I wish you a wonderful celebration with your full family when you are all able to be together once again! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Diane! Wishing you all the best in 2022!


  6. That’s such a shame. We had a quiet Christmas.with only a few people around for much the same reason, as we know a lot of people who got COVID just before Christmas and had to isolate. Hope you still had a good Christmas 🙂


    • Thank you! When she goes back to work the doctor said no covid unit for 2 weeks because they wear the N95 mask which is so hard to breathe through. Her lungs don’t have the capacity to do it so they will keep her working in ICU instead. We are hoping she will go back on the 8th.

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      • Thank you and since she is in school to be a nurse practitioner (graduates in June) she only works at the hospital 24 hours a week. However, she is with a preceptor in a doctor office working 3 full days a week too. Now that they are out of quarantine I am helping out a lot with the kids so she can get things done.

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      • I really do, they have lived with us probably half their lives. My daughter graduates from nurse practitioner schooling in June. Things should be less stressful then and all the sacrifice will have been worth it to see her become an NP.

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