Easy Clam Linguine

Two things that I really enjoy eating are clams and pasta! I love how quickly you can make this dish and especially when there are leftovers!

To see my step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card click the link below.

30 Minute Easy Clam Linguine



    • Other than fish, seafood is my all time favorite food. I wish I had access to fresh seafood. For that, we find the good seafood restaurants unfortunately, I’d rather make my own.

    • Thank you JC, it took a long time to come up with what I felt was the perfect recipe, at least for me. Living in Ohio and not having access to fresh seafood I have to improvise.

      • Ha ha – my mom would have done that too. Definitely not a fish lover, only having Mrs. Paul’s Fish Sticks for my benefit when I was younger and making tuna salad or salmon croquettes … that was it.

  1. It couldn’t be easier! Thanks for all the work to come up with this recipe Diane – I’m definitely going to try it. Unfortunately I won’t be able to enjoy it in that beautiful plate of yours 😊.

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