Hot Chocolate Bombs – Directions & Review

Have you ever heard of Hot Chocolate Bombs? I have wanted to make them for quite some time now. My mother in law gave me a silicone mold set with directions and I couldn’t wait to see how they would turn out.

I invited my granddaughter over so we could make them together. She first made Homemade Chocolate Brownies and Hershey’s One Bowl Buttercream Frosting all by herself and she made them perfectly, they were SO good! We are getting our chocolate fix all in one day!

We used a double boiler and melted mini milk chocolate chips.

My granddaughter worked on one mold and I did the other. We put the chocolate into the mold and spread it around with a baby sized spoon. They were refrigerated for 30 minutes so the chocolate would set up.

They popped out of the mold easily and without breaking.

We filled half of them 3/4 full with instant hot cocoa mix. My granddaughter made sure each one had two mini marshmallows that came with the hot cocoa pack.

After brushing some of the melted leftover chocolate on the edge of the filled chocolate shell, we put one empty chocolate shell on top making a chocolate ball filled with hot cocoa mix. To be fancy I drizzled melted chocolate on top.

I placed the chocolate bomb into a mug, heated milk in the microwave and poured it over the Hot Chocolate Bomb. The bomb melted immediately and the powder mix came rushing out.

I stirred it well and devoured the entire cup. I really didn’t think it would taste that good with so little hot cocoa mix inside, however, the milk chocolate is what made it taste so delicious.

Review pro’s:

  1. The silicon mold that was designed for these Hot Chocolate Bombs worked perfectly. The chocolate didn’t stick and the chocolate shell popped out very easily without breaking.
  2. The taste was delicious.
  3. A fun thing to do with kids.

Review con’s:

  1. It was messy making these Hot Chocolate Bombs.
  2. If the chocolate wasn’t cool enough when you put chocolate on the edge to put the shells together, it melted the shell.
  3. I could get the same exact delicious taste by putting mini chocolate chips and a spoonful of hot cocoa mix in a mug and pouring hot milk over it. I won’t be making them again.

I have not been compensated for my review.


  1. That’s why kids will love this … because it’s a chocolate mess 😁. It looks delicious, but I think I agree with you Diane: If it tastes the same, keep it simple!

    • I found chocolate on everything she touched and once it hardens it doesn’t just wipe off. It was worth it though because my granddaughter had fun. I can’t do much physically and we were having a painter in the next day. She helped my husband lift heavy furniture and did the cleaning of the walls and molding for me. Grandpa took her shopping!

  2. My daughter, who makes and sells cookies, did these one year and packaged them for sale at Christmas. She made different flavours and sold a lot of them. She has never made them again, as they made a mess and she didn’t get the same joy as making and decorating cookies. I’m glad it was a fun activity for you and your granddaughter though.

    • Oh absolutely but they are too large for chocolate covered cherries. They are an amazing mold and the chocolate popped right out of them. Thank you for the idea Katelon❣️

  3. Thanks for including the pros and cons. I love hot chocolate, but I don’t think I’ll do this. At least you had fun with your granddaughter!

  4. My wife is a chocolate fiend. She has not seen this post, but I can bet she senses it in my computer. I expect a bite to be missing from my screen by morning.

  5. It’s a fun activity for kids, but I agree with you about just putting chocolate and cocoa mix in a mug. I gave out packages of chocolate bombs at Christmas, and at 3 for $6, it’s a bit pricey, but they were good and full of mini-marshmallows in the centre too. Very rich tasting, so a nice treat once in a while, and less mess.

    • They do make for a great gift Joni. One year for Christmas I made all kinds of candy like chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered caramel, coconut, peanuts etc. I had a blast making them but once was enough. Lol

  6. I was reading this and though it looked delicious I was thinking – that is a ton of work to be enjoyed in just a few minutes. I think I am lazy Diane! At least you were honest though!

      • It warmed me and gave me a sugar high just reading how you made it and looking at the pictures. I have only heard of bath bombs – where have I been?

      • How did I miss this – it sure looked good Diane. My mother used to make Friendship Tea with sugar, powdered Tang, powdered tea, powdered lemonade, cinnamon, allspice and cloves. She’d make it up by the batch and put it into old instant coffee jars. It was wonderful for a cold Winter’s night. I’d take it to work and would smell heavenly.

      • It is wonderful Diane. My mom made it all the time but it’s been years since she made it. Yes, it is instant tea (powdered like instant coffee) and Tang (do they still make Tang). I will send you the recipe I just found in a separate comment. I didn’t remember the powdered lemonade in it. My mom used instant tea but in Googling around I see some people using ice tea mix. We called it “Friendship Tea” as you put it in mason jars and tie a ribbon around it and you can give it as gifts. See separate comment.

  7. Diane, you are a bad influence. Halfway through reading this How-To recipe, I had to get up and make myself a hot chocolate with a chocolate bomb I recently found in the cupboard…

    This looks really tasty and delicious! A great idea for gifts.

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