Did You Know – Chips Ahoy Cookies

Did you know that America’s #1 best selling chocolate chip cookie was introduced in 1963? Nabisco said the name Chips Ahoy was inspired by an old marine warning, Ships Ahoy.

Nabisco claimed they had 1,000 chocolate chips in every bag back in 1996, so a third grade class decided to count them. They came up with 680 chocolate chips and wrote Nabisco in protest.

Nabisco said that the kids had only counted the chocolate chips on the top of the cookie, so the kids dissolved the cookies in water and found there were actually 1,181 chocolate chips in the bag of cookies. Because of this, sales for the cookie jumped up by 20%.


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  1. That was a good lesson for those third graders – and the teacher, too! Thanks for an interesting post to start the week!

  2. Interesting! But I have to say that my favorite store bought cookie is still an Oreo! I made chocolate chip/chocolate chunk cookies this weekend. My problem with them is that I cannot stop eating them. Sigh.

  3. haha I can picture all the little kids sitting around counting the chocolate chips! I thought at first they were eating them and that’s why they came up short lol

    • Hahaha I never thought about them eating them. Now I wonder if the teacher let them eat them after the miscount and if they had to buy more cookies for the recount!

  4. Chips Ahoy happens to be an all time favorite. Somehow I associate them with the beach (probably because Mama packed them as a treat on family beach trips). But whatever – I LOVE them. And that’s without ever counting the chips! Anywhoo, thank for another learning lesson. I really like learning stuff and this was fun! And now I’m going to get a cookie.

  5. That was interesting – I never knew how it got its name and I love what those kids did. Lucky for them they had the same as claimed and in this instance even more!

  6. Inquiring minds want to know. I wonder if that is still the case today. I love all these tidbits you have been sharing with us, Diane.

    • I bet not, like everything else things are getting smaller but cost the same. Thank you for letting me know you like my Monday Did You Know posts. I have enjoyed blogging about them and love to know you enjoy them Carla.🥰

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