Did You Know – Broken Rice

Have you ever heard of Broken Rice? It was a new kind of rice, for me, as I had never seen it in the grocery store but to be honest I never looked either. I had to do a little research to see what it is exactly. I was expecting it to be something really different.

According to Wikipedia, broken rice is fragments of rice grains, broken in the field, during drying, during transport, or during milling. Mechanical separators are used to separate the broken grains from the whole grains and sort them by size. Broken rice is fragmented, not defective; so there is nothing wrong with it.

Because the rice is broken, it will most likely cook quicker, absorb your sauce better, be less firm and more of a mushy texture.

So there you have it, it is just rice that is broken and sold as is. I was disappointed it wasn’t something more but now I know. Do you have any input about Broken Rice?

The picture above is Stir Fried Scallops with Vegetables.


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  1. I’ve never heard of it but I can relate to the idea that our brokenness allows us to absorb what’s around us and maybe it’s what gives us our unique flavor. Love this, I’ll check it out next time I go food shopping! Amazing the things I don’t know. Hugs, C

  2. Interesting. I didn’t know what this was before reading. I can imagine for some sticky Asian desserts the broken properties helps in getting that desired “mushy” … Texture.

  3. 💜 “Broken Rice” is a bit like people EveryOne; damaged yet still useful


  4. I do have a general rice question or two for you. On the boxes of white, long grain rice, it clearly says not to rinse the rice first before cooking. Yet most recipes call for washing the rice first. What gives? I never have. Plus, they say to keep the rice cold after cooking if you aren’t using it immediately. Is this true? Again, I never have but have started to since I read this tidbit. Thanks!

    • As for rinsing the rice I feel it is a personal preference. I never rinse my white rice. I feel by not rinsing it, it leaves it more sticky if that makes sense, and that’s the way I like my white rice. I don’t like brown rice so I never tried it with that. Wild rice I always rinse because it just seems to need it. I use wild rice in soup so I don’t want it sticking together. I completely agree with keeping unused cooked rice in the refrigerator to keep bacteria from forming. My husband used to be a health inspector and I know all the horror stories about bacteria in food. I hope this helped!

  5. Never heard of this before! But maybe I already bought it without knowing, because my rice sometimes comes out mushy … or no wait, I’m probably just doing it wrong 😅.

  6. That was interesting Diane – I like these food info tidbits you give to us. I used to use white or brown rice in the crockpot with the veggies, etc., all the time, then read that after one or two days it could cause mold on the rice, so I quit using rice.

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